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  1. Also says he only appeared in 1976 when they were runners-up, still got two winners medals though.
  2. Has a player ever won two championships? Not sure if Rainer Bonhof counts.
  3. Are you just naming any player that any team has ever bought?
  4. Whats everyones opinion on Monreal, can get him for £10.5m, scouts rate him as 3.5 stars compared to Aurtenetxe 2.5?
  5. In the 4-3-3 in the second game you used inside forwards, which means they will cut inside to where they have plenty of bodies, 3xCB's and a DM. Maybe changing them to wingers and playing wider would exploit the fact they only have one wide player on each side.
  6. I'm using this tactic with Newcastle. First season finished 11th, think this was down to lack of strikers. Second season went really well and managed to sneak Forth. Really enjoying your tactic, been a while since I used a 4-4-2.
  7. I think Work rate, Team work, Determination, Influence, Flair, Corners, Free Kicks and Penalties aren't dependant on ca, so can be classed as free.
  8. Chelsea 2011/12 Thread

    What if Roma dont want him neither do Barca at the end of two years? who has to pay up?
  9. It would run FM well, would be playing any other games on it?
  10. I've been using this tactic with Liverpool and Athletic Bilbao, had good results and like the football played. Thinking of giving it a go with Barcelona as I think it may suit the players.
  11. Can Someone Tell Me?

    Yep just start a new game.
  12. Update problem

    worked a treat
  13. Update problem

    Tried searching for 'steam' and 'update' which brings up alot but couldn't find anything relevant.
  14. Update problem

    Anybody else have any ideas?