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  1. The Introduction Let's not beat around the bush then. This our hero for this save. Lev Shevel always wanted football in his life -- but he simply wasn't athletic enough for playing it. Times and times again local youth football academies turned him down due to being underweight and just not strong enough, so he decided to change his ways a bit, taking on some coaching courses and searching for a managerial job somewhere. Being good with three languages is pretty helpful, as it allows for Lev to go work somewhere abroad straight away -- and with there being 12 options for applica
  2. Premise This is a Journeyman save that I plan to play through for quite some time. However, I only have 13 nations and 87'000 players loaded (not a high amount for a save of this type), and it's not centered around a geographic/cultural region or some kind of a challenge. Well, it's not going to be something overexciting. A simple journey around the leagues I am more or less familiar with (with the exceptions of Argentina and Brazil being loaded for wonderkids and additional challenge when the main part's done), with some usage of stats and a few addons to enhance the experience. Oh,
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