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  1. Playing Fluid, adjusting mentality as necessary. No tinkering to PI's except for Howard who's set to distribute to centre-backs. Vallejo, Stones, and Besic are BPD's when playing CB. Naismith, Mirallas are DLF/s when up front.
  2. Awesome, an Everton thread finally! I've been (slowly) playing through an Everton save and doing quite well. Joint top of the PL with a game in hand, final of the League Cup, topped the Europa Group without dropping a point etc. etc. Tried to play how we play IRL, which is fairly asymmetrically formation-wise. Short passing game, lots of triangles. Haven't quite got retention where I'd like it but I think that's more to do with the relative reputation of my team than my tactics. (I have a second, mirrored tactic with an AML, AMCR etc.) Team shouts: * Shorter Passing * Work Ball Into Box * Play Out Of Defence * Push Higher Up My thinking came from the following squad analysis. (In advance, it will become clear that I love centre-backs who can play football, and midfielders who can defend) GK: Howard is fine, Robles is a waste of cash. Need a good young back-up with potential. RB: Coleman is class, but Hibbert isn't good enough. If you're building Coleman's attributes into your tactics then Hibbert will stand out like a sore thumb. CB: Jagielka is class, Stones is a future top-class ballplaying-CB. Distin and Alcaraz are worse than nobody because of their age. They will get injured at the worst possible points. Need to go now. LB: Baines is your best player, Oviedo is v. good backup with some decent potential. DM: Barry is perfect in the short-term. Besic and Gibson are good back-up. McCarthy can easily be great here if you need him. ML/MR (depending): I actually quite like McGeady here, though he's better further up. Pienaar + Osman are solid short-term options. Barry, McCarthy, and Gibson can all step in as well. MC: McCarthy every day of the week, powerhouse of an engine in midfield. Gibson and Osman are both back-ups, and I rate Gibson's defensive qualities as more important than his poor dribbling. AML/AMR (depending): Mirallas is top-class. McGeady is a good option too. Eto'o can do a job at AML until his pace drops a little further. Don't discount Kone, though he's too injury prone to rely on. AMC: Barkley is your potentially world-class option here, but he starts long-term injured. Naismith is much improved this year and is a solid option. Eto'o can do well here. ST: Lukaku is great, and potentially the best all-round striker in the world. Kone + Eto'o as backups. so tl;dr: strong first 11, depth is a bit iffy especially when you consider injuries. Must-haves: 2 new, young+fit CBs. One should be ready for first-team action. Nice-to-haves: Better GK backup, extra body up front. Must-sells: Distin, Alcaraz. Sell-for-good-offers: Robles (promote to must-sell if you sign a GK), Pienaar, Gibson, Kone, Eto'o (wages). Of my signings. I spent big on getting quality youth in. I like to rotate a lot, so I want the players I'm rotating in to be players that gain a lot of benefit from the time. Rather than spending 40k p/w on an older player who will never make it at the higher level I'm aiming to get to. Summer in (£): Jesús Vallejo - 1.1m Ante Coric - 975k Éder Álvarez Balanta - 6.5m Theo Bongonda - 6.25m Gino Peruzzi - 3.5m Summer out (£): Alcaraz - 1.2m (Swansea) Distin - 375k (Evian) ~ various loans January In (£): José Luis Gayá - 15m Timo Horn - 3.8m January Out (£): Bryan Oviedo - 7m (Wolfsburg) I was top of the league in January so I changed my expectations to a title challenge. Oviedo pushed for an exit for more first-team football, which led to me needing to sign Gayá. Horn came in, but I was unable to shift Robles. Thus my squad is currently: GK: Howard, Horn RB: Coleman, Peruzzi, Hibbert, CB: Stones, Balanta, Jagielka, Vallejo, Besic LB: Baines, Gaya DM: Besic, Barry, Galloway, Gibson, Ledson, McCarthy ML/MR: McGeady, Coric, Pienaar, Osman, Barry MC: McCarthy, Gibson, Galloway, Osman, Barry AMC: Barkley, Naismith, Coric, Eto'o AML/R: Mirallas, Bongonda, McGeady, Kone ST: Lukaku, Eto'o, Kone, Naismith Mirallas and Barkley have been on fire: I've been very happily surprised with the development of both Besic and Galloway. Stones, Barkley, Lukaku all developing well as expected. Of the new signings Coric and Vallejo are pushing to be first-11 next season. This summer will be a big deadwood sale. Pienaar, Gibson, Kone, and Robles will all go. Will possibly need 1-2 new young players in for numbers.
  3. Squad -> Registration -> Training Camp Squad
  4. Not entirely sure when the 'Reputation' tick occurs - going to assume it takes place mainly at whatever the End Date/Start Date is set at for the league you're in in the Editor. A big uptick in reputation is pretty obvious - you can see the number of CA/PA stars for your own players in the opinion of your Assistant/Coaches go down.
  5. Fm13 overheating on Macbook Pro

    The fans in the Macbooks are *very* high quality (assuming you have a 2009'ish+ model). A bit of compressed air wouldn't go amiss if you've never cleaned them out before, though. You'll need a special screwdriver to open the case btw.
  6. Fm13 overheating on Macbook Pro

    Unfortunately - that's how computers work. It's just more noticeable in laptops (especially metal ones like Macbooks) due to their proximity to our bodies. There are plenty of jokes in programmer circles about how none of us will be able to father children due to chronic macbook abuse Seriously though, just play games with the laptop on a desk, or get some sort of mat for your lap.
  7. Fm13 overheating on Macbook Pro

    Is it actually overheating? 'Overheating' means the kernel will do an emergency power-down to avoid hardware damage. Otherwise, it's the processor running hot because it's doing a lot of work. They generally run at 70C+. And when your laptop's body is made from metal (a very good conductor of heat), you're gonna feel that heat. Macbooks are known for running hot under load, it's expected. And there *is* a difference between different pairs/sizes of RAM. A pair of dual-channel enabled memory modules can have double the data transfer rate of a single module. If you're upgrading your RAM, make sure it can actually fit into the Macbook and is supported (Crucial are good). More RAM will most probably not help, your CPU still needs to process all of the instructions needed to run the game. If the temperature is uncomfortable, minimise background proceses running on the computer and invest in a desk.
  8. I think people generally underestimate just how defensive a DLP(S) is. While they play plenty of attacking balls - their positioning can be pretty deep. This is fine if you want that behaviour but if you partner them with another defensive player your midfield can be static and disjointed. You can end up with those two pretty deep, and then a line of your four attacking players all being marked standing on the edge of the opposition box. I think this is one of the most common problems people are having when it comes to building a 4-2-3-1.
  9. You might want to have a look at your system. How many teams in the top leagues in Europe play 4-4-2? If your centre-midfielders have such differing roles, there's going to be space in between them. This'll be exploited by the top teams even when they have equal numbers in midfield, and if they're playing with 5 in midfield then they're probably going to rip you apart.
  10. Won the treble in my first season, really happy. Haven't touched my first team, though Gueye and Duffy come back from loan and onto the bench. Out goes Distin for 400k because of some serious disimprovements that meant I couldn't really trust him at CB. I comes some really fantastic youth players signed on compensation deals from around Europe. Have the makings of a world class first team already. Some go out on loan, along with some of my own youth and some into the first team for rotation. I've found just throwing youth in at the deep end works a treat. Barkley and Vico are now both 3-stars in their positions and are continuing to rapidly improve. Can see both of them being in their international sides by the end of next season. Can't imagine we'll emulate our successes again this season but hopefully we'll challenge in everything we take part in.
  11. That's it - names aren't really that important as they're newgens though
  12. Not a bad intake, this.... Potential to be the best player of his generation
  13. Okore is a great buy - once given a chance in the first team he's just made the position his own and has continued to improve and improve. Strandberg is a good rotation buy, got attributes in all the right areas, will perform well when called upon. Also performs well at DM and MC, giving you that extra defensive midfield cover that Heitinga gives you.
  14. Just at the end of January now, first in the league and into the Carling Cup final. In January and out went Tony Hibbert for 750k after a transfer request and Vellios and Gueye out on loan because they just weren't getting enough gametime. In came Andreas Cornelius for 3.5m over time and in various fees. Scored 2 in 4 with an assist added in for good measure. Bodes well for the future and is giving Jelavic much needed rest with important games coming thick and fast. Also managed to get Ibrahima Mbaye on a pre-contract to join for free in July. 18 years of age, 4.5 star potential, positions all along the back four and in defensive midfield and good defensive and physical stats. Really happy that I managed to get him. Will probably come in to be tutored by Neville before being shipped off on loan. Squad is *possibly* stretched a little thin with Duffy, Vellios, Gueye and Anichebe out on loan. However Duffy especially has really grown as a player and should be ready to step into the first team next year. Gueye would probably be getting some first team game time now, but he definitely needs a regular 90 minutes and only one of himself or Vico can start. In comes George Green who's been performing very well when called upon. Like Barkley he seems to perform beyond his attributes would have you believe. Vico, Barkley and Okore are developing brilliantly. All of them are taking really well to their tutorings. Barkley also seems to be getting those little indicators that his professional has shot up (Professional approach to his fitness, 'seems professional' as in-game motivation). Coleman, Howard and Mirallas are all surprise improvers too. Coleman especially is now a 3 star RB and defensively way more solid.
  15. Have him as back up in my Everton team - mainly as a MC (BWM/S) though sometimes at DM (A/D) and he always performs really well. Was a great buy.