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  1. I'm in Poland with Wisla Krakow. We win the league every season and have been to several CL quarter finals and one semi in the last few years. The team is rated 8th in Europe and the league is up to 10th. A couple seasons back my player values collapsed by 60% (for no reason I could see) and despite the continual rise of the team and league they've never recovered. I have a player who might be one of the best I've ever had, turned down an £81M for him 18 months ago. He's listed as an elite midfielder, was voted the CL's best midfielder and has an average of 8+ for the last 4 years. He's wanted by Man Utd, Bayern, Barcelona and both Madrids. At 25 he's apparently worth £20M and the best offer I've had is £27M. My world class CD that I paid £26.5M for 3 years ago is now also 25 and valued at £21M. He's wanted by every big club in the game and has a best offer of less than £30M. It's ruined the save because in order to have players capable of winning the CL I need to pay wages that will break FFP if I can't sell players. Is this a bug? If it isn't it needs looking at. You couldn't buy these players from Bognor Regis reserves at these prices, let alone a team in the knockout stages of the CL every year. Edit: League is ranked 8th, team is 10th, got hem the wrong way around.
  2. First post but it was funny seeing this on page one. I just did it for the first time. I've been doing a travelling (polyglot) save and took a job at Foggia in Italy C. They're in decent shape so it was easy to get them up, even from a January start, but they weren't ready imo and I wanted a full window before promotion. I switched to a basic 4-4-2 and played a fully rotated squad till I got knocked out of the insane play-off system.
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