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  1. @John Kendall-Torryit works for my friend too! This seems to be the correct fix for this issue, very good news.
  2. My friend also attempted it post-update, but no change. @louismcleodconnorDoes anyone who can connect to your game encounter any glitches when the person with the issue tries to connect? In my instance, I, as the host, get no issues, but the other player with me always has to restart the game as it seems to freeze upon the player with the issue trying to connect. We also tried FM Touch, same result.
  3. Is there anything new on this? My friend also recently bought the game purely to play it with friends online and is having the same issue - we exhausted all options that OP exhausted just incase and we can't think of anything. We even bought another FM on another steam account just to fully exhaust all options. Clearly there's some deeper background issue affecting only some people or these people have something in common that is preventing network game access.
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