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  1. Cheltenham FTW
  2. i always do this i cant be asked to play the matches, i'd rather spend my time looking for class players
  3. lol and me not very nice to Micah Richards
  4. 7-5 west ham
  5. Bottom left it says United battle for victory soooo 5-4?
  6. Cheltenham have signed Ian Westlake till the end of the season after leeds have terminated his contract
  7. I've got it to load
  8. Can't get it to load
  9. Keeps stopping at random points i have fine connection, just stops when its not finished and tries to install
  10. 23% at 1.06MB/Sec
  11. just want to know anyone been Cheltenham yet?
  12. bah im 51% done downloading at 1.06MB/sec so only bout 6 mins left