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  1. I uploaded my save file named "Karba - 1860 München.fmt".
  2. Here you can see that when hovering over any partnership but the one on the left I get a short description. Bug.mp4
  3. All partnerships I have i can hover over to see the description except if its over the left flank. OS between a defnder and a winger on the left for example, it will only give me the hover wether or not there are issues on they area of the pitch.
  4. I feel that the player comparison feature is realy lacking (image 2). Now that we can easily see the statistic ocatgons(image 1) for a players position it would be great if we could compare these statistics between players instead of relative to the rest of the league. Personally I also believe comparing more than 2 players could be usefull using this data but I think that is less relevant.
  5. In the new fm21 on the player report tab we get these nice ocatogons with statistics that are relative to a players position. Is there a way to compare two players their ocatgons? Using the compare player I only get either pros/cons or generic statistics.
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