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  1. Is there a custom FM skin that displays C/A number instead of stars, I don't mind about potential just want a better idea of my team's real ability because the stars fluctuate so much. Or is there a tool I can use? I don't want to use the official FM editor. Cheers
  2. Okay so there is a young goalkeeper the media have dubbed 'the new Rui Patricio' at Portuguese club Rio Ave, his value is currently £30k, he's 2 star ability and 4.5 star potential after scouting him (I'm Wolves) I've submitted several bids going up to £25m (£10m is add ons) and the club are holding off for their £50m valuation which I think is too much, the player is very interested in joining me and is now 'asking to leave' after Rio Ave blocked the move, they still want £50m. I've promoted the transfer to the press, had Rui Patricio himself promote the transfer to the press! The issue
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