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  1. Ah I was playing with the zoom percentage before with no success, but the small sidebar did the trick. Thanks! Great job on the skin
  2. Hi. I just downloaded the TCS 1.1 skin this morning but am running in a bit of trouble on the player overview page. If you on the top, there is only one customizable display box, and it will not let me put the player face/nation/club combo up there. That was pretty much the entire reason I downloaded the skin so it is a bit frustrating. Any advice on how to fix it? I am even on zoomed out (85%) because someone suggested it and it didn't help. I appreciate the advice.
  3. He should be in the Bayern youth setup. Mavropanos definitely has nice physicals from what I recall though. I sold him in my save because I got a 15m offer from Dortmund and I kinda needed the money for Bissouma and Buendia, for a young depth CB Mavropanos definitely has decent stats.
  4. Used it sometimes in my first season against City and Liverpool away, but in my second season my squad felt good enough to do without it.
  5. The problem is Bellerin has only 1 year left on his contract and letting him go for free would just be atrocious business when he should be bringing in a 25m+ fee. To be honest, that is my fault I didn't realize he only had 1 year left on his deal until I started getting all these news stories about Juve, Barca, and Atletico being interested.
  6. So Bellerin doesn't want to sign a new contract, gets pissy when I transfer list him, and then also gets mad and throws a hissy fit when I turn down a LOAN OFFER from Atletico. I've tried everything to get him out and he doesn't look like budging. I even bought his replacement (Mukiele) already.
  7. In the winter transfer window of my second season I signed a 18 year old French CB from Bayern named Bright Arrey-Mbi. 2 star CA and 5 star PA. Got him for just 1m because his contract was expiring in 6 months. I could have tried to sign him on a free but there were other clubs circling like sharks. I immediately loaned him out to one of the best teams in the championship as a starter. I think he starts the game as 17 years old so you could keep him for a year and play him in cup games or you could loan him out for 1-2 seasons. If I recall correctly, the mechanics behind young play
  8. Thanks mate! Bissouma is great when he plays but he's picked up 3 or 4 knocks that have kept him out longer than a week this season. His profile doesn't say he's injury prone so I'm hoping it's just bad luck. I actually am in the market for a new right back but not because Bellerin has been bad. Bellerin has actually been great. (Despite being an Arsenal supporter I can admit that FM overrates Bellerin every year). But Bellerin has 1 year left on his deal and every week I get 3 notifications that Atletico, Barca, and Juve want him. So he will likely be sold this coming summer. Spea
  9. Not to slate anyone on here, but when I do an Arsenal save I always try to make the transfers as realistic as possible. AKA, no signing Mbappe, Haaland, or Sancho lol. No stockpiling Argentine regens, etc. I also usually like to go for players Arsenal have been linked with in real life as well! I disabled the the first transfer window and finished 1 point off of 4th in a very competitive top 6 playing a 4-2-3-1. So after a year of no signings, I committed to overhauling the squad in Summer of 2021. Summer 2021 Transfers: Transfers Out: David Luiz -> End of Contract
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