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  1. Pretty sure this is a bug. Just finished a game where my xg was 2.78 and during commentary, I missed 3 “massive chances” according to the commentary. However, when looking at the match stats after the game, I registered 0 half chances and 0 clear cut chances, despite the above and despite hitting the woodwork 5 times. Just thought I would mention it as there seems to an issue with the xg not reflecting the nature of chances and the match stats also not acknowledging them (or the commentary is lying haha). Thank you
  2. Just to add to this. I took over with Everton being in 20th position. I subsequently 14 of the 19 games, and managed to finish 9th. However, I was sacked because I didn't reach the targets laid out in the club's vision - qualifying for the Europa league. Surely this is a bug?
  3. I've recently taken over at Everton in February 2021, with Everton being 20th in the league. My first press conference and my first pre game press conference I was asked about how I feel about my own under performance and was asked if I was worried about losing my job if I lost my next (first) game. Thought I would mention as a possible bug as it seems very odd.
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