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  1. What I have to change for making a simple runner ?
  2. Hi guys, I want to dominate half-space like Manchester City so I create this tactic with 2 Mezzala. At the same, our team play much shorter passing for taking posession. At the result, my average possesion is really good, 55-65% per match but my xG is opposite. Its just 0,5-1,5 per match, clear cut chance 0. Especially, my defense is really bad. Only 1 cleansheet after 17 matches. Please help !
  3. I have some questions. - What different between Flexible/Structured/Fluid/Very Fluid? How its work? Team fluidity of Gegenpressing tactic is Structured and when i play Counter-Attack, i must to change my team fluildity to fluid,right ?? - How PF/CF works? both of them have "roaming from position", when I want to high-pressing and make my striker roaming to overload so what role should I choose for my striker? Thanks for help.
  4. Im so headache about it. My team can beat all big teams but always defeat by underdog teams. Please help.
  5. Why don't you use Inverted Wingback or Wingback? Your Mezzala like to roam from his position so IWB usually run to defend Mezzla's space in middle
  6. Can you show me your CM(sup)'s PI? Why do you use Pass into space with Positive mentality? I think when players "pass into space", their teammate can't take posseision
  7. I want to play him like Kevin De Bruyne. so 4-1-2-3 is my tactic. 3 mid: HB - DLP(sp) - Mez(atk)
  8. My question: What is the best trait for Mezzala(attack) ? I have a good regen player with mental and passing like a world-class. When I bought him, I thought I can make him to be a new Kevin De Bruyne. I trained him as Mezzala (Attack). He was flop, 3 season his AVR always below 7.0 I think problem are traits. Do you think Dictac Tempo is good for Mezzala? My friends said he can't play Mezzala(atK) when he had Dictac Tempo.
  9. Your tactic almost like mine. But I really dont understand how OVERLAPS and UNDERLAPS working by MC,Wing Forward and Wingback. For example maybe like Manchester City's tactic. Kevin De Bruyne in Pep Guardiola's tactic plays as Mezzala(atk) - MCR. He usually switch ball to left flank for Reherm Sterling (LW). Sterling and ST(Kun Aguero, Gabriel Jesus) are the most goal. RW is Mahrez or Bernardo Silva, they usually cut inside to UNDERLAP/OVERLAP with Kevin De Bruyne. When Mahrez cut inside, Kevin hug the right flank for the width. An IWB iss goood for defend middle space when Mezzala hug the touchline. So I tried to creat this tactic. What do you think about this? Im headache about choose IW - MEZ or IF - MEZ. I really don't know what OVERLAPS working.
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