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  1. Yeah City, Madrid and PSG buys alot and let then go or they just Park in there until they are useless players.. sometimes Roma to
  2. Someone is Lost! 😂 Anyway just a fact, CR7 Said is going to retire at the age of 40 and if at 40 he thinks is body can handle more he is going to 42. About This new update, we have a new Freddy Adu! Yeah sometimes i just Turn the PC to grab that little dude! For the all that i read in This topic, i understand now that FMM is not going to be the FM and actually makes sence. Im starting to like the game as it reminds me the old CM that i played in Commodore Amiga 500 or the first FM for PC ..Blain Elifoot lol! Was the game that got me into This. I understand Lars with the is
  3. Meh! Ok those are good points.. i will wait! Ty for the Reply Dinausaur! 😂
  4. Hi again! Can you guys release more teams to manage? Like in PC? I always add 2 more managers in FM! One for europe other for south American and another for asia... its kind of cool managing more then One team.. 😎
  5. Hi! Ty for the Reply! Do you guys need Help? I mean i try other teams in Portugal that have reserve teams with alot of good results in training that the ones that have B teams! .. at This point i just loan out all players that i have in b teams... It sucks seing the b team relegated Over and Over again until its gone of national comps.
  6. I would like to see a pregame editor, you can make as separate APP i would pay for that for sure! 👍 Also ingame editor is kind of buggy... If i Change One atribute the editor Change others.. i dont want that and i belive Many as me dont want that also. Just the fact of removing a injury the editor Change stuff. Please add hidden atributes also. We pay for a editor! ✌️ Option to add rich chairman to other teams And for last, instead of stars rating show the atribute rating like 0-199. Also wend we edit some atributes please show if the changes are in range of player. L
  7. Hi! So i am portuguese. So i play alot in Portuguese league. I noticed that b teams are useless in FMM. No coachs no manager, players dont grow. I tried in Many teams that have a B team. In Portugal B teams play on national comps. So players should have at least game experience. Others thing, the rare B teams that have a manager, if This One is sacked.. well no more manager forever! Lol! No coachs. B teams are not reserve teams! And speaking of reserve teams, portuguese comps dont have reserve teams but have U23 comps. Thank you!
  8. Hi! Why you dont make another APP for recent smartphones? So wend we go to download, the PlayStore choose the best APP for our smartphone. I agree with you, all custumers are welcome. So point Taken.. just make more APPs like others developers due also.. cheers! ✌️
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