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  1. Summary: I'm managing Breiðablik in Iceland's Pemier League, year 2025 atm. Pre-season has started in February, with the first match on the 9th of February. However, my entire team is on vacation until March 24th. Description of Issue: Looking at the similar issues described by others in this thread, I assume it has something to do with playing in European Cups. Seasons in Iceland are short, and normally end in September already. I guess that the game, for some reason, can't handle the fact that the season is extended by 2.5 months due to European matches (also check the first screenshot
  2. Also having the exact same issue as mentioned by others in this thread. My entire team is on vacation until end of march, while pre-season starts in february already... @Freddie Sands: sorry for tagging you, but this seems to be an issue that occurs regularly. Would be nice if it can be fixed asap.
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