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  1. Well that's STRANGE Just loaded my database to have a look to see if i could find a fix for issue, but game has verified straightaway without having to do any changes yet can't see anywhere on forums about a hotfix for editor issues after the winter update, so looks like they may have done a fix for the editor again without telling people
  2. Nice idea but its a hardcoded competition that i cant change in my database as have no access to it in list of competitions in advanced rules
  3. My database is looking for 7 teams in club world championship when testing in advanced editor even though it has the 2 finalists set in database by SI
  4. I've just spent 12 hours building my anglo-scottish database in advanced editor rules using the new update and yet again I get an error message like people were getting when game was originally released in November that was fixed in earlier updated Message I get is about club world championship that is set with 2 teams in database but game is still looking for the 7 teams that should be in it Seems they fix one thing then do update and break it again but don't check the original fix still works And if previous years are anything to go by they won't fix it now so there goes trying to play with custom database
  5. Hi guys Just trying to create my database in advanced editor using the new update and am getting the following error. We were getting these type of errors back in November that was fixed but seem to have returned with latest update. My database worked fine till the update but broke after the game updated, so have spent 12 hours rebuilding my database using the latest update and now get this error message. Have looked at competition in database and deleted the 2 teams that are listed but that does not fix error as when testing get same error message still
  6. thanks davie77 ran a test for several seasons and yes it does show both initial & per match tv money from 2nd season. but still cant see initial money for season 1 so assume this must be already included in opening balances
  7. Hi guys, I have created my own Anglo-Scottish database for FM21, but I am have 1 issue left to fix and that is TV money I have done the following:- In league settings I have selected TV Type as satellite then I have allocated TV Dates with Satellite and shared around as a preference in the league schedule section Money section I have set Initial TV money amount and TV money for match to the amounts I want competitions to have But have run 3 sperate holiday tests today for several seasons each time, not once has the Initial TV Money payment been made to clubs even though it says in editor tooltip this payment is made at start of league season So just wondering if I may have missed a setting somewhere as new to editing.
  8. Thanks Wolf_pd, that suggestion has fixed the problem. would have replied sooner but got called into work yesterday so left it testing all night whilst at work, just gone through checking and the 20 or so years holidayed into the future, every semi final and final have been played at Wembley thanks again, now for some serious gaming time for rest of the year
  9. would never have thought to look there as thought i had already set everything properly thanks just made those changes and verifying rules, will test & let you know
  10. hi, how do I upload just so you can have access ok figured how to upload it just for you
  11. Hi Guys New to the editing game and wanted to try and create my own database for once, with everything set how I would like it to playout. So I have spent last few days creating and testing an Anglo-Scottish database from scratch with the following layout:- SL1 SL2 PL1 PL2 NL1 N/S NL2 N/S NL3 N/S All the relegations and promotions work fine, the playoff finals for SL2, PL1, PL2 all play at Wembley as planned, prize money for all leagues works ok, clubs are controlling budgets well, even all clubs U23's & U18's are populating with new-gens. But I am having 1 problem at the moment I cant seem to get the Anglo-Scottish FA Cup Semi Finals & Final to play at Wembley. Everything else is fine with how its setup as 2nd semi final is offset by a day (like English FA Cup is IRL), but I have all 3 games being played at home team stadiums instead for all 5 years again of the test I just ran overnight. I have looked at file again this morning and everything is set correctly, I have national stadium selected in round rules for both the semi finals & final. So am baffled as to why the matches are not being played at Wembley. I know there are some great people around the community that might be able to suggest what i may need to do to solve issue, so any suggestions would be gratefully taken on board by this newbie
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