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  1. @Brother Ben thanks a lot. Looks like leagues go lower than a few years ago. I'm going to become portuguese it seems, my pseudo predestined me to..
  2. You Sir are a scoundrel, an would completely deserve what you redoubt .But in old versions at least it worked the way turnip described (wich was fortunate as I had pretty much used the same recruitment method). Side question: can you start at amateur level without mods in FM 21? I just bought FMM 21 after a few years off, fell in love with the squad dynamics system and I'm now buying a laptop for FM 21. But the lowest level I could start at in FMM was english Vanarama North/South, in semi-pro clubs. In previous versions I was using pyramids mods but some of them turned out bugged after a few seasons so I'd rather avoid.
  3. ^^ Updated and the scrollbar is still there. It doesn't scroll anything though, it only makes a tiny bit of green line appear above the green "positive" label in upper screen. I understand that it bugs the person who designed the page, but I had never noticed it before you told me and it doesn't cause any problem. Also quite an old smartfridge/Android version.
  4. ^^ Samsung J7 Max, but the reason probably is that I have not updated to the latest patch. I was afraid it would break my saves (more hours into it than I care to admit..) If you tell me it won't, I can update and tell if the scrollbar went away. And yes the GK is great influence, also the fact he only has 3/5 stars of potential is a good illustration of how dynamics increased a lot the number of interesting decisions we have to make about squad building. Since we're here I'd have a related question: except for the occasional slacking scoundrel, most youngsters from my club's youth system seem to be have Professional personalities. Is it because the squad dynamic is rated A in Prof? In previous FMs popular wisdom had it that the Head of Youth Development's personality was influencing regen's. Is there something similar in FMM 21?
  5. (Couldn't find how to type below the screenshot so double-post) So this goalkeeper is a great surprise and even if I can find a better one now this guy is here to stay. And I like the fact it was a surprise. Oooooohhhh I just celebrated our accession to Premier League with an array of new contracts (all under 10k £/week though). I hope I didn't waste the best youngsters... back to greedy mode it is then I guess. If they moan I'll let them know that you said it was for their own good.
  6. @Neb Heheh the screenshot in the opening post screams "drive this guy to the airport and put him in the first plane to anywhere"! Well, maybe I've become a bit too dynamics-obsessed. Completely agree, it's all I always wanted and felt was missing in FM. It brings a lot of "human" substance to the game. Our Tamagochis now really need love. I especially like the way Loyalty builds over time (from my experience players begin to impact it positively after 4-5 years at the club, and only if they are Influential/Leaders. Even the Ambitious end up helping with it. So if we buy better players all the time, we never get a loyal squad, as that's both 100% fair and a great challenge. I agree but I like that devs tried to make things hinted more than explained. (I agree it's sometimes confusing or even almost incoherent, especially the Moral thing you pointed) But I love that players don't always reveal their game straight away. We have all seen in real life people who present their best face when they join a group, then progressively drop the mask and reveal their toxicity as they become more important. In FMM 21 I saw Professional players switch to Ambitious (and wreck the dressing room Loyalty/Mood) after a larger club tried to buy them. I both hated and loved that, like if you suddenly noticed that someone you love has grown vampire teeth and looks at you a funny way. On the other hand here's my young goalie one year ago (Status: Other), and now that he his Influential
  7. Thought so (and it would be sad if it wasn't the case, I like to see them find their marks game after game) Allright, thanks for the clarification on main topic. No familiarity is less realistic, but it's also nice to be able to toy around with tactics and see the results instantly, and it fits the mobile version. Since you're here I want to add that I'm very, very happy with the game. Hadn't played since FM 2015, and this FMM 21 will make me buy FM 21. Cheers!
  8. Hey everyone. I have a little question. Usually in FM your players progressively learn the tactic you choose and it takes them a little while to get used to it. If suddenly you change everything they struggle, and the game lets you know where you stand in this regard. It doesn't seem to be the case in FMM 21 but I still would like confirmation of it if possible. Can I really mess with any tactical setting, even change everything and have my players instantly familiar with the new tactic? Thanks in advance.
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