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  1. Season 5, take 3 in the Championship - the aim this season is to get promoted to the Prem! Let's have a look at the squad coming back for pre-season Only new face at this point is Gavin Moth, the right wing back joins us on loan from parent club Chelsea as we needed to improve that position Only notable leaver is midfielder Antoni Sarcevic who was released following his contract expiry Pre-season results looked like this Poor start shipping 7 goals in two games but we recovered to bring some better form and get some momentum going against some good side
  2. Right come on then, time for the final push for the play-off places with 10 games to go... Frustrating month as we conceded 94th minute equalisers to both Aston Villa & West Ham, only 10 days apart! That turned a vital 6 points into only 2. Disappointing to draw with Bristol City as well. However I'm proud to have made it to the FA Cup Quarter Final and even take Wolves all the way to extra time. With those silly dropped points the table was now much closer: The gap was down to 2 points. Birmingham are closing in, we need a perfect run in our last 6 games. Before
  3. I do think the wage side of it needs sorting in the game, if a player has got better over the season and is retained a club should want more coverage of the wages especially at championship level
  4. So if you done a save in the EFL leagues you wouldn’t loan any youngsters from prem clubs which is normal for championship down to league 2?
  5. Don't forget we post all of our updates first on our blog, where we also show a lot more of what's going on in the save than we post on here, check it out - https://dpfmblog.com/. Another update on this crazy journey! I think this might be the most hectic transfer window in FM history! Let's start with outgoings: It seemed like teams from all over the world were coming to just dismantle and unsettle my squad! Nearly £80m in fees made though is not a bad thing... There were too many incomings to show you them all in one screenshot, so I have split them into 2 parts...
  6. Appreciate your opinion mate but until now we’ve had no money to spend, youth players aren’t up to scratch and we’re punching above our weight admittedly in the league. got to use the resources available to us in order to progress
  7. Here we go then, let's get through the final months of the season! 5 games in March, one tough game vs. current leaders Birmingham but the rest should be winnable Not a bad month, 11 points on the board although it should've been 13 Can't even work out how we didn't beat Peterborough after 20 shots on goal...yet we were the team grabbing a late point! Although we still grabbed Manager of the Month and that man Tarrelle Whittaker took another young player of the month award Another loan star agreed to stay another season and just look at the finances involved
  8. Back with another update! Don't forget we post all of our updates first on our blog, where we also show a lot more of what's going on in the save than we post on here, check it out - https://dpfmblog.com/. From the last episode we had just taken the Stoke Job and won our first game in charge. October 2025 promised to be a tough month with games against Leeds & Aston Villa who have the best squads in the division. Let's see how we did: A mediocre month. We threw away a 2-0 half-time lead against Leeds to draw the game 2-2. Villa were better than us to be honest but we managed
  9. So we're back and Championship football is upon us! Can we survive? Only time will tell... We've continued to be reserved in our spending - I wonder if we've taken it one league too far? Only one way to find out, play some matches! WHAT A START!! Never did I think we would win 5 of our opening 7 league games at this level - the table below is after the first game in September (which we won - spoiler alert). HOW ARE WE DOING THIS? You may have noticed Leeds in 20th despite spending £102m in the summer, this was enough to get Brendan Rodgers sacked an
  10. Well Chelsea are loan kings so thought I’d try and take advantage 😆 yeah I mean there’s every chance, but need to keep losses to a minimum in the last 10 games, but yeah may get a pasting if we went up but like you say finances are definitely a step up!
  11. Before we get into the results of NOV-FEB, a look at our starting XI.. The attack is dangerous and with an average age of 19, the midfield is forming a good partnership with Fotheringham training in a new position and excelling with 11 assists (by the end of this update), star rating should improve too The defence/GK is average however, a good relationship between to two centre backs. An area we'll look to improve in the future Two young prospects contracts renegotiated with higher release clauses (wouldn't allow removal) after interested mounted - one being a starter for u
  12. Preparing for life in the Championship... First let's look at some transfers we wrapped up at the end of last season: 3 great signings for now and highly rated for the future. In terms of transfers in the new season, let's start with outgoings: We made £12m in player sales from signings that in total cost us a combined £36.4k only 12 months ago! Great window in terms of outgoings... Now onto incomings ahead of our first season in the championship: Including the players signed at the end of last season that's 14 players brought in f
  13. One of our favourite posts to follow on this forum! What at incredible journey it's been - keep it up man!
  14. I think the game just bases it off the facilities for Bolton but it did drop to Cat 3 when I got to League one then went back to cat 2 in the championship. They do have a lot of youth prospects but most are not good enough for this level
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