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  1. Here we go then, the end of the season is upon us but it is one tough run in! We start with March which strangely only provided two league games.. 100% record for the month as well as we beat struggling sides Arsenal and West Brom with relative ease In came the youth intake but it wasn't very appetising bar a few players at a push Only one player looks as if he could develop into first team contention, a youth recruitment improvement may be needed looking at this One youngster - George Tanner decided he was bigger than the club despite being in the U23s and r
  2. Its the winter period as the schedule begins to get busier. Starting with December, it was a tough month as the goals slowly began to dry up. There was some tough teams in the month don't get me wrong but we just got progressively worse as the month went on in terms of performance. This is how the league lines up at the half-way point, a respectable 7th place currently. The youth intake projection however, wasn't very appealing. Real Betis were also interested in our services but I am a one club man in this save. Coming into January now and it
  3. Back with the final update of this season as we cover March, April & May 2028, along with a few other updates from the club. As always just to remind you we post our updates first and foremost on our blog here https://dpfmblog.com/. March started with our youth intake: 3 promising players who could go on to be first team players for us in the future. Looking forward to seeing how they progress! Back to the football now and we have a couple of tough league games as well as the latter stages of the FA cup to contend with in March: HUGE win again Man City in the
  4. We are back and its time to get through September, October and November to see if we can carry on the positive start First up though, we have expanded our network and welcomed a new affiliate club in La Liga 2 side Albacete Balompie Now that we're a top tier side, I want to build a network of teams around Europe that we can find good players and use them as development teams for our youngsters September was a very good month league wise, but our nemesis kick us out the Carabao Cup once again.. 3 wins out of 3 in the league including a late comeback vs. Middlesbrou
  5. Second season is always the tough one but yes a good start is definitely key or catching up might be even harder!
  6. Here we go then, season 7 and our 2nd season in the Premier League First off, we will be upgrading our youth facilities as a few u18s/u23s look to move to other clubs with better facilities The chairman increases the scout wages for the second season in a row too! Veteran centre back Felipe decides to call time on his playing career with his game time lowering The transfer window was absolute carnage, many coming into the club with even more leaving Check out the link at the bottom of this post to see a more in depth look at the new players We'
  7. Final months of the season but there is quite a bit going on! Lets go through March and it started with an appealing offer from a Bundesliga club It's a one club save so we gracefully decline however, the board begin to step in surrounding takeover rumours And then would you believe that we're the second most profitable team in the Premier League?! Safe to say the heavy transfer windows have affected a few clubs, Everton's recent tycoon takeover has them absolutely rolling in the cash! Going into the results now, with a good few games in March
  8. Another busy update this one as we cover the three months of December, January & February. As always just to remind you we post our updates first and foremost on our blog here https://dpfmblog.com/. As I said in the last update, our run of fixtures in December was horrendous so I wasn't expecting much. Let's see how we got on: Pretty much as expected. Disappointing to not even score a goal against the big sides but the squads they have are just unreal! Sometimes you just have to pick your battles, and to be fair we did beat Watford. How did the points shy month change t
  9. This update will cover December through to the end of February as we continue to search for form Not a bad month in the league grabbing 7 points from a possible 12, the change in tactic is slowly showing progress but a lack of squad depth is effecting the team at times It took a victory on penalties but we progress to the Carabao Cup semi finals after scraping past Championship side Reading after it finishing 2-2 on normal time The youth intake projection looked somewhat promising this season also January 2026 was a crazy month with 9 games across 3 different comp
  10. The TV money is a game changer at this level, never thought I'd see such finances here! Yeah we're not good enough to play that kind of formation in this league right now so nothing better than a good old counter attack
  11. After a little break we are back with another update! This post has been out for a little while on our blog so if you want to get the updates as soon as possible go and check out the website https://dpfmblog.com/. Anyway, let's get straight into it, after a decent start to the season in the first month we look to keep picking up points to get to that 40 mark as soon as possible. Another 6 points in the league is extremely welcome! Disappointed to not get something from the game against Newcastle but extremely happy to beat Burnley who are a very good side this far into t
  12. It was a shaky to the season after a tough fixture list in August, this update will see how we fair in September, October and November However, before the results one player decides he's bigger than the club - young prospect Lloyd Greenwood Despite his non-premier league attributes, Greenwood believes he should be a 'regular starter' and wouldn't take anything less He also believes he should be on £20k+ a week. I'm not prepared to give him that role or pay due to his current and potential ability Since we couldn't come to an agreement on 3 separate attempts of con
  13. After the dramatic end to last season where we kept our premier league status on the final day, we are back preparing for our first full season in this league. The board gave us a transfer budget of £20m and a wage budget of £1.8m which isn't too bad as I was looking to overhaul the squad so should have some money coming from player sales. However, when discussing the club vision they added in some new things which I wasn't happy about. They wanted me to play defensive, direct, counter-attacking football... literally the complete opposite of my style. I tried to take them out
  14. Here we go then, season 2025/26 and season 6 of the save, we found ourselves with Bolton back in the Premier League! We are on step away from the goal of the save, to get into the Europa League Just as I was working through the off season this appealing job offer popped up I do like German clubs and how they are ran but I am here to stay at Bolton Having Premier League status also ended our link with parent club Chelsea The board decided to make improvements to a couple of areas in the backroom Now its transfer window time, I will show the li
  15. Thanks mate! Yeah I’m glad there’s a bit in the bank as we need players badly. Looking like a brave fight vs relegation but I don’t care how we stay up as long as we do...will post the next update tonight
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