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  1. This panel at team panel lol wkwkwkwk
  2. How to change this colour boxes prefences
  3. Where is the text panel located, this is a picture of the standings,anyone please help me and help please remove the icon logo for standing and so that only numbers appear not st,nd,rd,and th
  4. My favorite intro hehehehehhe
  5. Sorry this out of topic,can you help me about this problem Mr @michaeltmurrayuk
  6. Sorry this out topik,can you help me about this problem
  7. help me please with this file @PequenoGenio this not player of the match picture and anymore
  8. Please send the link or the panel scoreboard😁😁
  9. Help me please,,, Where the place thi file for fmt android
  10. Where the place sigrafik.fmf PC to sigrafik.fmf android
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