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  1. You're entire front line is looking to score, your B2B midfielder wants to get on the end of something, but balls coming from central areas are going to be rare or hopeful. Your DM is not being asked to create anything, which is fine, but your PM is likely too deep to influence the game once you come up against the opposition defence. I'd switch at least one of your IFs to support and change the deep lying PM to a roaming PM. That way you'll have creativity around the box, rather than relying on longer balls and crosses. If your forward is a big lad, maybe switching out an IF for a winger would stretch the defence more and give you more crossed balls to attack.
  2. Crash dump and save file uploaded as SteveP.fm and SteveP.dmp,
  3. I saw a man on the post stop a goal in FM15 just last week. I nearly fell off my chair.
  4. This definitely works well for me. Be an evil SOB to your youth team and shout at them for every sub standard performance and watch their determination and work rate steadily increase. It doesn't work with every player, but the best ones tend to respond well.
  5. You have your attacking midfielder on the same side of the pitch as your attacking fullback. Not only will they be fighting over the same area of the pitch, but they'll be a huge amount of space for the opposition to exploit. Try swapping your CMs over.
  6. Neither option is 100% correct; you need players to match a cohesive tactic in order to to get the most from your squad. I tend to pick 2-3 key players who I expect to be the driving force in the play, give them a role that suits their strengths as much as possible and work the rest of the tactic around them. Ideally, every player will have a role that suits them and works in harmony with those around them. If they don't fit the system, they're on their way out to be replaced by someone that does. There are a few positions that are open to several types of player, sometimes depending on the opposition for that match. For example, if you play with two up front, the support role might be filled with either a DLP or a Target man. I'd chose the player that will have the most success against the opposition I'm facing, though I'd need to tweak the play style to suit and possibly one or two players further back to feed the right type of balls forward. As with many things with FM, there's no hard and fast rule.
  7. Click on the "Games" menu in Steam and select "Activate a product on Steam ...". Enter your beta code and you're away.
  8. Is it possible to use mouse buttons 4 and 5 to go back and forward through screens? They're set to function as internet back and forward buttons and the shortcuts screen doesn't seem to recognise them as an input. I had it working with FM13, I just can't remember how I did it, or if I even had to do anything. Scrub that, it's suddenly started to behave itself without having to change any settings at all. Not sure what was going on there. One thing to feed back is if FM14 is defocussed in Windows 8, when it becomes the focussed application again, the screen is sometimes largely blank with just the top bar visible.
  9. I have absolutely no doubt that every decision I make influences the result as I have an uncanny knack of making things worse. If I go on holiday, my team goes on a great winning run. Once I've been sacked, my successor can do things with my old squad that I could never hope to manage. I can build a squad of players that gel together. I can keep morale high, no problem. I can keep players fit and injuries to a minimum. However, as much as I understand the theory, I can't get things to work on the pitch. If tactics made no difference, then my rubbish tactics would work too, right?
  10. Got to agree. I've a DM with aggression of 20 who has the body language quote "looks aggressive" almost all of the time and he gets booked only once every 10 games or so.
  11. Very much like Edinton, try leaving two quick players up top, forcing the opposition to leave three men back defending. If they don't then you'll have a great opportunity to counter attack. The near post is often the danger area at corners. Put the tallest of your non marking players on the near post and your most creative player on the edge of the area. If the ball comes to him, he can release your forward players early with a good pass into space. It's been mentioned already, but as your fullbacks should be pretty good markers, get them off of the posts and marking small players. If you feel the need to mark the far post at all, don't waste a good defender there.
  12. Setting an array of OIs has the potential to do more harm than good, completely altering the balance and flow of your system in favour of paying too many of the opponents special attention. I prefer to limit their use to one or two key players in the opposition's attacking strategy and maybe pick on a weak defender if I feel there's a way to exploit the advantage. I'm happy to let the match play out for a while before choosing who to target, if it's not immediately obvious at kick off.
  13. Great post Zanman. I'd like to add a tip of my own to speed up your player review process. Rather than hover over the 'i' icon on each player, I create custom views in the opposition instruction screen with all of the important stats. So using one of your criteria as an example, I'd create a view called "Aerial" which shows Jumping, Heading and Strength. I can then view the whole team at once and get a clear idea at a glance.
  14. Thanks for that. I've a central midfielder who won't stop bombing on, which is ruining my tactics. I've been trying for 3 seasons to get him to stop now, but he's not having any of it. The stubborn little **** is great apart from that so I'll look for a coach with the PPM and see if he can bully him into giving it up.
  15. Make sure you have a good header of the ball on the near post to give him a target. I tend to get 2-3 attempts at the near post per match with a long flat throw.
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