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  1. thank you for your answer, but my point was a different one. I am not saying that it is bug, or something that it is not working as programmed. What I am saying is that this concept is not happening in real life. Yes, a player will demand to play a certain position. But i don't expect anyone, in real life, who demands to play AF, to leave a club because the team plays with DLF. Yes it is a game. I understand. But you claim it is a football world simulation game. So this item needs to be addressed if we would like to simulate the real world, as this behavior is definitely not realisti
  2. Players become very unhappy. It happens every time when a player plays out of his promised role. Regardless how well he plays and how well the team performs. I find this very unrealistic. I would agree that a player becomes unhappy when he plays out of POSITION and he plays badly, but not when he plays a different role and he does extremely well. E.G. I have a striker at Championship with Not Forrest. He wanted to play as Att Forward, but he played 50% of the games as false nine and 50% as Att Forward. He performed very well. scored 20 goals and the team got promoted to PL. He is mad at t
  3. I guess this is a known issue. almost in every game, a wondergoal is scored. When the ball is lost during an attack, it is very common that the opponent winger/attacker will get the ball and dribble for 70 meters with better skill than Messi. They get very easily at shooting position and very often they score. Needless to say that when the ball is lost, the DMC or MC and the two defenders are behind the ball, but they can't steal back the ball. Actually they behave as if they just came straight from the local pub. Completely pissed. they can't orientate and they seem to be very afraid of
  4. I have a save in England and another save in Greece. The games in England are always - really every time - cloudy or rainy. Unless the stadium lights are on, the 3D game is too dark to see. Early games at 15.00 have always lights off. Really bad experience. Strangely enough, the same happens in Greece too. Mostly dark cloudy weather. Even in summer. I never played a game with bright sunny weather. Unless lights are on, the game 3D is far too dark to see. is this something that is being worked on? I hope so.
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