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  1. Thank you for response. I have "Allow matches to be moved for TV Broadcast" on that preference.
  2. Just want to bring this up again, have I posted this in the wrong forum? I also posted in the league specific forum but no joy for any response
  3. Hello, On my save, TV's have suddenly ceased to exist for the Premier Division in Argentina after season 2. I picked River Plate to highlight the contrast between the two seasons. No fixtures are televised in the division and only the Copa Argentina final is televised. Screenshots show 2021/22 season with plenty of televised matches and season 2022/23 with zero televised fixtures. The Argentinian Super league Cup which only appears in the first 2 seasons is not televised either. Have loaded up other saves this far in the future and the same thing has happened.
  4. Hello, I have found a few issues in Argentina with the restructuring of the league. Firstly, As of the 3rd season in game, no domestic fixtures are televised. I had issues with other tournaments such as the "Super League Cup" in the 2nd season also not being televised. Only the final of the Copa Argentina is televised which I don't feel is realistic either. Secondly, there has been no prize money for both the premier league and the first division. (unsure if this is a bug) As a result of these two points every club is in financial insecurity. Please could you lo
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