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  1. I found at the forum, that Nix can't qualify to ACL. But I'm not sure of course, because I haven’t FM2012 yet.
  2. In FM 2012 Wellington Phoenix is not eligible (as in reality) to play in Asiach Champions League. Is there a possibility (in the editor) to make this team eligible to play in ACL (as other A-league teams)? If yes; how should I do it? I dont have FM 2012 yet, so I can't check it.
  3. I played in fm 2009, 2010, 2011 as Wellington Phoenix and New Zealand team manager. In FM 2009 and 2010 i removed manager from national team in the editor In FM 2011 i removed Nix manager, because All Whites didn't approve my request
  4. I have another question. Is possible to make (by the editor) Wellington able to play in ACL? I know, that probably it will be possible by creating new ACL, but I would like to know if there is a possibility to make it by editing existing ACL (in competition section) or Wellington (in club section).
  5. Yes I know, that I can't start as the manager of both. If I will buy FM2012, I would like to do the same, as I done in previous version - I removed Ricki Herbert in the editor from All-Whites team (in FM 2009 and FM 2010) or removed him form Wellington Phoenix (in FM 2011) and at the beginning of the game send my offer to second team (for example in FM 2011 I started as the Phoenix manager and send offer to national team - successfully).
  6. Of course I'm a Nix fan. So is it impossible to manage both Phoenix and the All-Whites at the same time? Even if I remove Ricki Herbert in the editor?
  7. I asked a few months ago, so I'm trying once again (about the newest patch). Is Hyundai A-league sufficiently improved in FM 2012 (in comparison with FM 2011), that the newest version of FM will be worth to buy for a person who is playing only in Australian League?
  8. Is there anybody, who played a few seasons in Hyundai A-league in FM 2012 (particularly with the newest patch)? I would like to know if dynamic league reputation for Hyundai A-League is falling down season by season (as in FM 2011). I’m planning to buy FM2012, but I don’t know if it is worth to buy (for me the most important is A-league). I asked on this forum a few months ago, but haven’t received unambiguous answer.
  9. I have experienced the bug, that the final result of the match was different, that in actual match (FM 2011 11.3.0). It wasn’t my team’s match, but I discovered it, when I watched goals from other matches in my league. In a results table and in league table was 3:1 and when I watched the goals it was 3:0. It was different result, goals were actually shoot by different players, that it was showed in the results table. I know that is known bug in FM 2011 (version 11.3.0), but I experienced it for the first time (I’m playing in FM 2011 for over a year without problems) so I would like to know if: 1. Is it a typical problem for whole FM 2011 (11.3.0 version)? Or 2. Is it a problem connected with particular leagues, tournaments, countries or teams? (I’m playing in Finnish Ykkonen) Or 3. Is it the problem connected with particular database file (I edited the file as always by changing chairman parameters)
  10. As I checked in FM 2011 FC Vaduz is eligible to play in Europa League as the best (and the only in FM) club from Lichtenstein. But it plays in Swiss league so I have two questions: 1. What will happen after a few seasons. Will I play as Lichtenstein’s team in Europa League every year forever? Will it be disrupted if I for example win Swiss league or Swiss cup? 2. What will happen if after a few seasons I will win Swiss league or Swiss cup. Will I play in European Champions League as a Swiss champion or in Europa League as the best team from Lichtenstein? (I found posts on the Sigames forum with information, that Vaduz is ineligible to play I Champions League, because the club is from Liechtenstein, but I’m not sure what version of FM was described by these posts so I ask to be sure, what is the situation in FM 2011). And third question: 3. Is possible to play as Liechtenstein national team manager and Vaduz manager simultaneously?
  11. I'm playing only one match a day (but I watch whole match). So I'm playing a season over a month. Sometimes longer. For example now I’m playing as Wellington Phoenix and New Zealand national team manager (in 2011), so I’m playing 50-55 matches a season (including the league, final series, Asian Champions League and international matches). So now for me the season = almost two months of playing (i'm playing my career from September).
  12. I havent received an information about A-league reputation in FM 2012, so i'm trying to ask once again: Is there a problem (as in FM 2011), that the A-league reputation is lowering season by season? Or not?
  13. 1. Is there a problem (as in FM 2011), that the league reputation is lowering season by season. 2. Is there a possibility, to improve A-league league reputation by winning continental competitions 3. What about salary cap? Rises after each season, or stays at the same level forever? 4. Is Wellington Phoenix eligible to play in Asian Champions League in FM 2012? 5. Is A-league generally better modeled than in previous version of FM? Are there annoying bugs? 6. is there a possibility to play simultaneously as Wellington Phoenix and New Zealand national team manager?
  14. Thank you for a reply. I’m ashamed form my cheating, but in previous career I have very few generated young NZ players able to play successfully in the NZ national team, so in this game I decided to help them (and help the national team), by quick building of excellent academy in my club (the only professional club in my country). I hope that above and the fact, that I upgraded youth facilities for other clubs in whole A-league in the same manner will be extenuating circumstances
  15. Before starting the career, in the editor I have prepared my club, and set the youth facilities and youth academy at the best possible level. So from the beginning of the game they are excellent. After second season I received the message, that youth facilities should be better, and I should request to my board to upgrade it. It was stupid, because my youth facilities were still excellent, but I requested – and my board approved. Upgrade is a very long process, so I wonder what will happen at the end of upgrade? If I understand well youth facilities can’t be better, than I set at the beginning in the editor. Or maybe Is it possible, that youth facilities are worn out during two seasons of the game?