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  1. 1. Does the weather affect match engine in FM2020 (for example ball physics during rain or wind) 2. does the pitch condition deteriorate during use? 3. Does condition of the pitch affect match engine?
  2. All questions about FM2020 with official database (without editing): 1. Is possible to choose Monégasque nationality (Monaco) as the manager's nationality at the beginning of the carreer (or maybe second nationality)? 2. Is it possible that the game will create newgens with Monégasque (Monaco) nationality? 3. Is there the new format of the Finnish Veikkausliiga implemented in FM20 (I mean the league format introduced in reality in 2019 - with the table divided after the regular season - after 22 matches)? 4. Is there the new format of the Finnish Ykkonen implemented in FM20 (I mean the league format introduced in reality in 2020 - withe the amount of teams raised from 10 to 12 and the table divided after regular season)?
  3. I'm playing in french Ligue1. I played whole season at my stadium without problems. Then I asked to expand the stadium. My management accepted my request and began the expansion. During the works I played matches at another "loaned" stadium. Now I have received information that the expansion has been completed and on the screen of my facilities I have information that my team has returned to my stadium. But when I watch the match schedule, I see that all matches will be played at the "loaned" stadium until the end of the season. My questions: 1. is this a bug? 2. Should I do something to fix it?
  4. Maybe I misunderstood or wrote unclearly. I meant, that if you add a player with a high salary in the editor as loaned to your team and configure that you cover all his salary and then, at the beginning of the career, you end this loan, the funds previously occupied by his salary should become part of the budget payroll available for contracting other players.
  5. In earlier versions of FM I tried to "cheat" the game in such cases in the official editor (but of course it is necessary to start a new career): Add (in the editor) one (or more) loaned players and set the salary paid in 100% by your team (the salary should be as big as you expect to cover your needs for new contracts) and set that you will be able to finish the loan - and just after starting your career - the loan should be terminated by you. The salary previously covered by loaned players should increase the wage budget. I have not tested in FM 2019, but a few years ago it worked in older versions, so I hope it will work again.
  6. 11-1 as Finnish team PP-70 Tampere against FC Gepardi in early round of Finnish Cup (in FM 2005), and few 10-0 results.
  7. I tried to find out how the required capacity of the stadium in French Ligue 1 works, but I'm still not sure. In FM, in the league requirements section there is information that - as I translate from my language version of FM - the "recommended" capacity is 20,000 ("recommended" - not "required"). I can play matches in my small stadium (2.000 places - all seats). There are several other stadiums that also do not meet the criteria. In fact, there are (and were) stadiums less than 20,000 in Ligue 1. (in the document entitled "Recommandations de la Commission des stadess" I found information that for clubs evolving from the Ligue 2 league it is recommended that they have at least 12,000 seats - but I have not found information about smaller stadiums). I tried to ask 2 years ago in this forum, but I did not receive an answer, so I try again. So I have three questions: 1. Is it possible that a stadium with such a small capacity as mine (2,000) can be approved as a Ligue 1 venue (in reality)? 2. Is it possible that (in FM) I will be able to play matches in my small stadium forever (without expansion) or the League Commission will say "enough"? (I played in FM2017 2 seasons on a small stadium in L1 without problems) 3. What does the "recommended capacity" mean in FM? (for example, "required capacity" is clear - means the capacity that I MUST have - but I do not know what to do with the "recommendation")
  8. I found posts about older versions of FM (for example 2012) and found information that the directors and other members of the club's board do nothing in FM (only the chairman-president is important). And what about the 2019 version? Still the same situation?
  9. I am trying to examine the influence of the chairman's business attribute on the future of the club. I have found many posts on various FM forums, but there are generally two mutually exclusive opinions: First: the higher value of the chairman's business attribute is better for me as a manager and club, because such chairman will take better care of the club's finances (better sponorship agreements, etc.). So it's better for club development. second: the lower value is better (because the chairman of high business value will take care of his own business - not for the club - the club will be mainly a source of income for him - and he is more likely to sell the club if he finds it beneficial for him. Is there anyone who knows exactly where the truth is?
  10. 1. Is it possible that in FM2019 there is higher probability of club takeovers than in previous versions? 2. Is it possible that takeovers are the events generated completely randomly in the current version of FM? 3. Is it possible that the high value (15) of the business attribute of the chairman or the low value (10) of the ambition attribute may be the reason that chairman will want to sell the club?
  11. Is it possible that my chairman (who previously loved the club, and now wants to leave and wants to sell the club) will want to stay and will change his status again to "loves the club"?
  12. Does the number of installed logs affect the stability of the game and the speed of its operation? I am asking because I would like to know: should I install all logos from the FMscout package (1.5 GB) or it is better to select only a few leagues. I can check it myself of course, but I would like to know if it will be the difference during long term saves too. My computer meets the requirements of FM (even exceeding) of course and I have enough disk space.
  13. I tried to compare FM2017 today with FM2019 (I have both installed on my computer). I played a match in every version and unfortunately I have to say that I think 2017 is better, so I'm thinking about going back to this version.
  14. J'ai essayé de regarder le calendrier de l'équipe adverse pendant le match, et puis je peux continuer le jeu sans problème (en utilisant le bouton dans le coin supérieur droit de l'écran).
  15. AI transfer activity isn't the only problem, but for me the main problem is, that my players are too good. As I wrote at start of this topic I'm managing Avranches – small french club and during 2 seasons I advanced from 3rd to 1st league. I'm still using modified 4-2-3-1 gegenpress tactics. I started my season in Ligue 1 and in 3 matches I achieved 2 very good results (2:2 in Lyon and I won 2:0 in Nice). I know that such results are possible in reality and I know that my tactics is recognized on this forum as effective, but I think, that it shouldn't be effective against big teams. As I observe real football: it is possible that small team beat big club but mainly using deffensive tactics – modified exactly for more powerful opponent. But I - I modified my tactics to be even more offensive that default. I think that using this tactics against big team in reality should be total disaster – it should be suicide for my team. And I have to add, that average player in average club in Ligue 2 is better (as I see at attributes, wage and value) that my average player - i'm playing in Ligue 1. I have in my team the player on loan, who is the star in my team, but he is loaned from reserves of League 2 team. And my team is extremely effective in quality-cost ratio: for example Radamel Falcao in Monaco earns (alone) more a week, than my whole team (together – including first team, youngsters and reserves) a month.
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