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  1. Is it possible that my chairman (who previously loved the club, and now wants to leave and wants to sell the club) will want to stay and will change his status again to "loves the club"?
  2. Does the number of installed logs affect the stability of the game and the speed of its operation? I am asking because I would like to know: should I install all logos from the FMscout package (1.5 GB) or it is better to select only a few leagues. I can check it myself of course, but I would like to know if it will be the difference during long term saves too. My computer meets the requirements of FM (even exceeding) of course and I have enough disk space.
  3. I tried to compare FM2017 today with FM2019 (I have both installed on my computer). I played a match in every version and unfortunately I have to say that I think 2017 is better, so I'm thinking about going back to this version.
  4. J'ai essayé de regarder le calendrier de l'équipe adverse pendant le match, et puis je peux continuer le jeu sans problème (en utilisant le bouton dans le coin supérieur droit de l'écran).
  5. AI transfer activity isn't the only problem, but for me the main problem is, that my players are too good. As I wrote at start of this topic I'm managing Avranches – small french club and during 2 seasons I advanced from 3rd to 1st league. I'm still using modified 4-2-3-1 gegenpress tactics. I started my season in Ligue 1 and in 3 matches I achieved 2 very good results (2:2 in Lyon and I won 2:0 in Nice). I know that such results are possible in reality and I know that my tactics is recognized on this forum as effective, but I think, that it shouldn't be effective against big teams. As I observe real football: it is possible that small team beat big club but mainly using deffensive tactics – modified exactly for more powerful opponent. But I - I modified my tactics to be even more offensive that default. I think that using this tactics against big team in reality should be total disaster – it should be suicide for my team. And I have to add, that average player in average club in Ligue 2 is better (as I see at attributes, wage and value) that my average player - i'm playing in Ligue 1. I have in my team the player on loan, who is the star in my team, but he is loaned from reserves of League 2 team. And my team is extremely effective in quality-cost ratio: for example Radamel Falcao in Monaco earns (alone) more a week, than my whole team (together – including first team, youngsters and reserves) a month.
  6. Yes of course, I agree that experience helps to achieve the success (i think, that I'm experienced player – I started 14 years ago in FM 2005). But in FM2019 it is the first time, that I easely win leagues from the beginning. For example, when I played in FM 2017 as Avranches (3rd french league) manager I had to play 2 seasons before advance to Ligue 2. At the beginning of the first season in League 2 I lost most games and fought against relegation for the 1st halve of the season (finished in the middle of the table). I have to add, that in this time I had over a year of experience in this version of FM (2017). Very similar was the situation in similar clubs in older versions of FM. But in 2019... I bought thre game, tested a few days, learned new interface and started the career. Result? Winning french 3rd league a few matches before the end of the season. I bought only a few players and with almost the same squad as in 3rd league: 1st place in Ligue 2 sealed a few matches before the finish. Now, my team is preparing to their 1st season in Ligue 1 – core of the squad is still the same. I organized a few friendly tournaments with a lot of interesting results, for example: 2:1 contre PSG, 7:0 Feyenoord, 3:1 Ajax, 2:0 PSV – maybe friendly matches are simplier, i don't know – but the results are interesting. I have to add, that I haven't tested other teams and other leagues, because I play always no more than one match a day, so my careers are very-very long (in french league for me one season = almost real 2 months), so I hadn't time to play other careers and test them. And I have to confess, that due to reasons described above (my longest career lasted 14 months) I didn't buy each version of FM (so I can't be sure, that this year is the easiest of all FM). About self - aggravations to make the game more challenging: I know that (for example) playing with only newgens will be more difficult than using expensive experienced players and I understand that our FM is only the game, used only for fun, not the real life. But, if I play in FM, I would like (as real managers in real football, in other sports and as in the real domains of my real life – and, I think, as most of FM users) to achieve the success using all available opportunities. For example I didn't see Lewis Hamilton driving backwards to make the rivalry in F1 more interesting. About tactics: I found wide 4-2-3-1 gegenpress with some my modifications (personalized for used players) the most effective – so I mainly use it. And, to finish my too lengthy text: probably you have the right that maybe the source of successes in the game is the reason, that FM2019 is the first version, which allow to observe influence of the tactics implemented by FM user - so maybe it is the best version ever.
  7. About: there is no option to give a speech, even though you are able to do so when you make a substition from the tactics screen during the match? There is the possibility to give a speech for the player during substitution: at the bottom right corner of the screen - under "confirm substitution" green button. About: the big changes of this years FM, compared to those of 3 or 4 years ago, and how to get used to the new interface and new aspects I think: - team's dynamics and interaction with the players. - scouting (recognize of player's abilities is much more time consuming for the scout - for example in FM 2014 and earlier I had whole view just after first quertion to the scout - in new version the best solution are player's tests in the club - if they are possible of course) - team training - new tactics screens - new medical centre - and (but this is only my personal opinion) new version in the typically sport dimension is easier than 2017 or 2014 to make a success.
  8. My goal: To have the chairman (or board) for a small club – for a long and stable cooperation. I would like to advance with the club from bottom level to the highest league in the such country as France, and then gradually build a team able to compete in european cups. Just to be clear: I don't want to make „sugar daddy”. Just patient person, who will not want to disturb the manager and will not want to sell the club. I would like to not to exceed the budget. There are a few settings in the editor, that are self-explanatory: Patience and resources (as high as possible – value 20) and interference (as low as possible – value 1) But have a problem with business ability: what does it mean? - the chairman with high business value will be good for club's finances or, maybe, it will use the club as a source of income and will sell the club with increasing reputation. I don't know. The same about some presonal settings for example: - ambition ( i don't know what is better for my „perfect” chairman: high value – maybe my small club will be still too small for this ambitious person, or low value – but maybe if my club's reputation will increase it will be too big club for the less ambitious chairman). - pression (i don't know what it is: high pression value is the ability the person to withstand the pressure, or maybe high value of this setting means, that this person will make high pression on other people. I don't know if other personal settings will affect my chairman personality (for example temperament, controversy, professionality). I think that I should set my club as favorite club of my chairman (value 100), set the highest possible value of board and fan confidence (200) and set my chairman as the favorite person (or maybe legend of my club). And (to secure multi year cooperation) make the chairman as young as possible. So I have a few questions: 1. What are the settings important for create the chairman described above? 2. Will be better to set other persons in club's board (directors) or leave the chairman alone? 3. If it is better to have other persons (directors) in the board: are there any important settings for them to be parts of stable multi-year board able to work under the leadership of my chairman? 4. Maybe is there any guide, which explains each setting used in the editor to model the personality. Version of FM: 2019 (but as I remember the same settings are in previous versions)
  9. As I started to play FM2019 I easily win everything. Started with the smallest club in french 3rd league (with the smallest budget) – expected to "fight bravely" against relegation. A few matches before the end of the season my club sealed 1st place in the league. Next season (in League 2) the same. Advanced to Ligue 1 without problems from 1st place. I played FM2017 before and in this version it was more difficult to achieve the success. Is it only my impression, that version 2019 is easier than 2017? Or may I set anything it the game settings (or in the editor) to make the game more challenging?
  10. Before my game I prepared small „upgrade” of my chairman: - set the highest possible board and fan confidence (200) - set my club as favorite club of my chairman - set my chairman as one of the most favorite persons form my club (at the highets possible value of course) - set his personal attribute patience as highest value - my chairman is young (40) I've done the same as in previous version of FM (started in 2007) I have never experienced the takeover before. Now I manage small club from France (started in 3rd league – Championnat National and after 2 yers advanced to Ligue 1 – I had 1st place in National and Ligue 2 in my previous season). After advance to Ligue 1 I received the information, that the takeover is prepared. My finances were OK. Is possible to do something else in the editor before future careers to prevent my club against takeovers (or maybe this is a totally randomly generated event in FM2019)
  11. 1. Is possible to select my manager's nationality as Monegasque (as a person born in Monaco) at the beginning of the career? 2. Is possible, that the game will create newgens with Monegasque nationality? 3. Should I use the editor to achieve above? (if yes - what should i do) - I found Monaco as a country in the editor, but havent't found any trace where is the difference between Monaco and "selectable" countries, so I ask. (to be clear - I don't need to have other clubs form Monaco or national team) 4. I found the topic about unlocked Monaco nationality and their amateur league. Question: is possible that such operation ("unlocking" Monaco) will generate any problems with playing long term career in franch league as AS Monaco manager?
  12. 1. Are there any additional fixes in 19.3.5 fix for Windows users? (Of course I know that the beta contains some stability fixes and also improvements to the lagging issues on OSX) 2. Will be any improvements and changes connected with the leagues? 3. Should I start new game after 19.3.5 will be published? 4. Is there the planned date when should I expect that final version of fix will be published? 5. Are any further improvements planned for FM2019 (after 19.3.5)?
  13. The same in my game today. The commentary announced the goal before shot. The same with penalties. Even if the player misses or if the goalkeeper saves the penalty. The game knows it before. (i'm sure, because I noticed this during cup matche ended by series of penalties). Very irritating. Things described above happened just before event, but I noticed, that the game announced the goal a few seconds before: during the match i made tactical changes. after applying the changes the game asked me if i'm sure to make the changes AFTER the goal. A few second later it was the free kick: goal! I watched whole matches (without compression). I'm afraid that it will be corrected not earlier than in FM2020.
  14. Just to be sure (about: The new Finnish format is not in place in FM19, however I have investigated and logged the format change to make sure it is included in future games) Do I understand well, that it is impossible, that the current Veikkausiiga rules will be implemented in FM2019 (by any official fix or patch)? And they will be implemented not earier, than in FM2020?
  15. Thank you for the answer. Another question (just to be sure): When I played in Maltese database in FM2017 I had a problem, that, after the last match of the regular season my team went on holiday for a few weeks. But (after the end of the regular season) I will have to play the most important match of the season (play-off to advance to higher league), so I was unable to select the squad. My question (because I hope that I will not have to test it myself - and I haven't tested yet): What about such situations in the new database file for FM19? Were they tested?
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