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  1. Uncommon nationality? Check. Quality player? Check. Affordable? Not a chance... some lovely regens though! For anyone curious, I loaded all players in North America (for the Ethiopian) and Central Europe (for the Andorran) at the start of the save.
  2. @right_winger my bro, you've put so much effort in to this post... start your own thread. i came here to read about mentality like everyone else per it's title. you rob yourself of possible responses putting your situation here.
  3. Love this idea. I tried it implement it in my own save with some success in appearance at least (played 2 games, lost one badly, drew the second tightly). Game 1: Game 2: The formation: I am already playing with a 4-3-3 and tested this out in the LLM save I am doing. The team is not great (media predicted 17th in the Spanish First Division) and this can explain some of the caution I used to build the tactic. The poor squad is also why I kept this shape and did not experiment with other shapes, I wanted to
  4. I have played a few more games and believe I made a mistake taking the DR from a WB(s) to a WB(a). It seems that on the attack duty, the wing back was pushing too much in to the wide right IW(s) space. The WB(a) did provide me some nice assists and chances via byline crosses but it seemed to be impacting the wide rights performance. It also meant my players looked a bit too close and squashed at times on the right side. The DR is back to a WB(s) and I have been rewarded with a few clean sheets once more. The IW(s) has also scored a few - it could be a coincidence as the sample size is small (5
  5. Season 5 has been completed. We finished 7th in the end, almost winning an automatic promotion spot before collapsing in the final games and subsequent play-off matches. I maintained the second tactic as shown above - the defence did improve during the second half of the season, with xGA looking less like an outlier after that anomalous start to the season. Goal scoring went down too and there wasn't much change in terms of points per game. In season 6 I have changed two things. Firstly, my striker is now playing as a Trequartista rather than an F9. The reason behind this is because I fel
  6. It has been done - I will be using the second tactic for the remainder of my season (20+ games). This makes sense looking at the list of instructions between the roles. Consider my second tactic with this change in mind. I am running through the remainder of my season now and will see what progress is made.
  7. @Experienced Defender This is a mistake on my part. My tactic has been very consistent over the past 4 seasons. The tactic uploaded above however, is from after a game where I changed a couple things - I didn't notice at the time it was not my original tactic. Below I will post my original tactic and new one, explaining the rationale behind the original tactic and behind the changes I have made. My first post really wasn't clear enough and didn't even use a correct picture! Hopefully this post will resolve any confusion. Here is my original tactic: Here is my new tactic:
  8. Thank you, love the feedback. I wanted to try make a tactic that suffocated teams with possession, even if I am not particularly prolific - and my team tends not be be! I enjoyed watching clips of my team pass the ball around for ages, lose it, only to see the opposition hoof the ball to nobody because their shape had dropped so deep. Kind of a shithousing anti-football spin on "beautiful football". I usually play on normal width, I didn't notice this when I took the screen-shot. Alongside my different CM roles this was just a change I tried for one game. For the fu
  9. I have had three seasons in the Spanish second division (22 teams). In my first season, I finished 4th, with the 4th best defence, while being predicted in a relegation spot. Second season finished 9th, best defence in the league, predicted relegation spot. This season I am 3rd, 11th best defence, predicted 9th. Obviously I am doing well generally and fairly happy, but I enjoy seeing my overachieving team lock out defences and have no idea why with an unchanged tactic, my defence has disappeared. I took your advice and looked over my last 10 games briefly to see what kinds of goals I conc
  10. I am 5 seasons in to a save right now. I have tried to build a somewhat defensive possession tactic and have done so with decent success, earning 2 promotions in 5 years doing a lower league save. I have two questions. Firstly, I would like feedback on the tactic generally. I have recently rediscovered these forums after many many years away (where did the LLM forum go?!), and have not see a somewhat niché tactic like this under discussion/scrutiny and would enjoy the feedback. Secondly, as my post title suggests, I have some defensive issues in my current save and am not sure why...
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