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  1. Just noticing now @knap that the kashmir 4141 you tested isn't the same as the p365 (vol 5). Any particular reason for that?
  2. Thank you. It seems that after the latest patch a lot of the good tactics are the same as last year, if you look at @Cwiekus testing from FM20. Wouldn't be surprised if the two I mentioned performs very good. I know though, that your testing with Liverpool won't give the same picture as Cwiekus different underdog tests.
  3. Knap could you test the kashmir4141p365 from last year? It was an insane tactic, especially as an underdog tactic in LLM. And if possible a test of the fireandwatervol24321ox would also be awesome. That was one crazy tactic last year aswell!
  4. @knap do you know if @Cwieku is testing this year? His different tests were very good last year
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