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  1. Screenshots of the bug mentioned above. As you can see, what usually happens for me is the MEDIUM_GROANS error pops up, immediately followed by the LIGHT_GROANS error.
  2. Cool, I'll let you handle it since you probably have more experience than me interacting with them. Thanks for taking the time to check this, BTW.
  3. OK, so assuming that the date formatting is consistent for all EDT commands, it seems like there's a problem with the "FUTURE_TRANSFER" command. Am I imagining it, or was there a similar problem last year before the first patch? EDIT: Aha! I thought so. Is this some kind of deliberate ploy by SI?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. Just tried doing that and it didn't work. (EDIT: Yes, I do have the file selected when I'm starting a new game.) Has anyone confirmed that the transfer embargoes (or any commands involving dates) actully work in FM2010? I haven't taken the game far enough to see any transfers happen, but I have seen Chelsea interested in players which is conceivably a sign that there is no embargo on them... Incidentally, I started a thread about this problem and don't want two conversations about the same thing going on concurrently -- if a mod feels like closing that one, please
  5. Aha, glad I took a look at this. It seems the change in date formatting (from "DD MM YY" to "DD.MM.YY") explains why my FM09 EDT file doesn't work with FM10. EDIT: Actually, it still isn't working. Hm.
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