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  1. Going into the 4th season of the game, I took over Hertha midway through the third season and turned them around from a 6 game losing skid to a champions league spot. I’m bringing in Manuel Neuer on a free transfer. He’s 37 now but still has the attributes of a top keeper. Anyone have experience playing a really old keeper keeper like this and keeping him going for a few years? Any tips on maintaining his attributes, I’m thinking to focus on reflexes. I hope he can be my “Tom Brady”
  2. I use 4231 Gegenpress with Schalke and have for a couple seasons. Haven't changed much from the default tactic because I'll admit I'm not the best tactically. I'm certainly not steam rolling the league and haven't even won it. Do you have a picture of your 4231 gegenpress tactic? I don't think gegenpress is so over powered this year that I'd call it broken. I've been playing since fm12.
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