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    Name is Matti, support Birmingham City football club

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    Football, Music.

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    Birmingham City
  1. Geoff Horsfield

    Birmingham legend deffo and a brilliant all round player.
  2. Affiliate Club

    Not the most important bug in the world but still thought I would report it http://img220.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bugfmaffiliateclubpk9.jpg As you can see the same club appears twice, Wasn't like that before but then I tried sending another player there he rejected and now that's appearing for a new player.
  3. After playing the demo, will you buy it?

    They will of fixed the bugs before release so I'll be buying it.
  4. miles notw site not working !!!!!

    I'm sure Miles is glad you told him, don't worry someone must just be having a bad day lol.
  5. how come the demo is 2 hours early

    WHO CARES LOL Thank Gawd it's here!
  6. Football manager 2009 demo

    Holy crap an hour early woo
  7. Football manager 2009 demo

    Well here we go with an hour to go Put Match of the Day on Or if your girlfriend has beaten you from the TV then good luck with X Factor Results....Yes I'm speaking with experience lol.
  8. Football/Anger Management

    I've fumed quite a few times at Birmingham, just proves it's reality lol.
  9. Football manager 2009 demo

    He can't answer every single one lol, he's playing with his Lego so be patient!
  10. Football manager 2009 demo

    Rofl, How you going to play and sleep ? When you play you can't sleep Miles I'll get my Lego onto your Lego any time. RELEASE IT IMMEDIATELY!
  11. Miles/SI Team

    Well that would just not happen I think lol.
  12. Football manager 2009 demo

    Thanks for the info Miles.. Paul I do not like you now lol, evil teaser lol.
  13. Call of Duty 5 or Football Manager 09?

    Seen as your on the FM09 forum I think results may be a bit biased lol. FM09 for sure.
  14. Assistant Manager Role?

    I wouldn't mind being reserve manage or youth manager, but assistant manager I don't really see it or the fun of it sorry.