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  1. Is there any skin or a mod that gives a premier league type scoreboard?
  2. I am sorry as I have never done this before, I have uploaded it again with the same file name "Sam Ackema - idk.fm" I have not linked my epic account in any way to my steam account if that's what you mean. Thanks.
  3. I also apologise for replying late, I haven't been looking at this website much. The file is called "Sam Ackema - idk.fm" and I am using steam. Thanks.
  4. I just won a fantasy draft match, and at the bottom left corner where it shows the win/draw/loss percentages the percentages were all messed up.
  5. Whenever I beat a team in the FA cup or FA trophy then on the email about me progressing, it shows on the "past winners" tab that the team I just beat is the champion of the cup in the current season, when I click on "view history" its all back to normal.
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