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  1. Why not have one list using wiki's function to order by certain columns? surely that would accomodate everyone
  2. I don't think you should really be considering paying for anything right now tbh, you don't have the content to deliver. Get a sizable chunk done and if it's still dodgy then maybe
  3. Gimme £20 every few months to host it and I'll give you a proper one can't afford anymore freebies though unfortunately so you might be able to find a better offer hah
  4. If you took, say, a Harry Potter e-book, typed it out word for word and printed it you still couldn't sell it as your own. It'd just be a colossal waste of time. Whenever you copy something of note it's always best to ask the author first, however on forums, unless specifically noted, there is no expectation of protection of rights - you're releasing what you type into the public domain essentially. You could still take legal action if your stuff is copied but it's unlikely to get very far. Wikis often have disclaimers relating to variants of the GNU (/FSF) GPL, so that any work submitted may be copied and used without explicit permission under the terms of that license - assumin that the person owns the rights to the work they are submitting.
  5. If his name is accurate and he's any good he probably has Max Clifford on speed dial... that's a point surely MC should be in FM? that way when you get dropped in it for selling a star player you can convince the world that it was in fact entirely his choice to leave and it was all forced by you and you're just a poor victim in all of it lol Although that would take attribute masking to a whole new level, where you see them as miles better than they really are until you buy them.
  6. Cue tumbleweed... I seem to remember a Luciano Crapper from some time back... don't remember anything about him so he probably lived up to his name...
  7. Just wait til he has an ingame-kid... go on... guess what it'll be called
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