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  1. Insightful write-up as always... I once tried something similar with my Tottenham team but I never quite nailed the wing roles, I did manage to get some nice combination plays in the centre though with the combination of two Mezzalas(a), an AP(s) in the AM strata and DLP(d) behind them in the DM strata, with an extremely wide attacking width to create space in the centre area and it worked quite well..I tried the winger role on the flanks with the hold position PI and they do hold the width pretty well but it all goes to shambles whenever they get on the ball particularly due to the hard-coded behaviour to dribble more and cross more (my two nightmare PIs, never seem to ever get them to work ).. Anyways I'm looking forward to more of your ideas on this.. Cheers!
  2. I managed to achieve 1000 passes with my Arsenal team .... Still working on trying to cut back on the long shots though
  3. How do one fix the attributes highlighting in player profile
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