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  1. Hi FYI Started a new game 12.4 and it still is an issue. The contract offered by the buying club is as long as the length of the remaining current contract. Sold Griezmann with 1 year left on his contract, paying 50% of his contract. His new contract at Man City is 1 year.
  2. Hi There is a bug where if you offer to pay part of the reminder of a players wage, then the players contract at his new club will be as many years that he had left. Makes sense? As you can see below I had 1 year left on Sanchos contract, offered to pay half of his reminding contract which means that Porto only gave him a 1 year contract.
  3. Something is rotten in the state of Ajax I will let this topic be, I am sure that you are working in it (another league titel and ch. league final)
  4. Fining the player through the "player screen -> discuss -> discipline player for " works
  5. I must be a really bad manager! Another season went by, and this is the result of my end of season meeting. Surely I should have the option to aim for the ch league titel? I will upload the save, same file name
  6. Just let you know that it happened with Barca as well. Won ch league 3 or 4 times in a row and the league even more than that, and i can only welcome the team back with the same option as the picture above. But I am sure that you have already identified it as a general bug.
  7. Seems that it wasnt a one time thing. Finished the season as champions, end of the season meeting we agreed to win the title again. pre-season meeting we are looking to qualify for champions league, which all were pleased about
  8. Well, that took some time but I managed to restore a old file and save it just at the pre season meeting it is called Barca Ajax.fm
  9. Hi, Two bugs I would like to report; With Ajax I have never been able to create a Code of Conduct, the option never comes up. Second, after couple of years of dominating the league, suddenly year 2025 in the pre-season team meeting the only option I have is to welcome to team and ask if they are ready to challenge for a euro cup place. Something that team agrees is reasonable.
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