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  1. Does anyone know how to change the play runs to make them diagonal on the 'tactics - formation' screen please?
  2. Does anyone know how to get club badges and kits? I don't want player pictures.
  3. Very impressed with the game so far, have yet to play a match though. Haven't played any FM since 2010. Only issue I am having is on the player profile screen the orange background for the abilities between 5-9 and white text are really hurting my eyes, it's difficult to see the white text on this background too compared with other background colours.
  4. I want to play FMC and then after a while there is no transfer window, you can't get sacked?...exactly why would I want them unlocked if I don't want to buy them in the first place? These unlockable will eventually make the game unrealistic even if I don't pay for them!
  5. 1. It would be good if for FM10 you can have shops and you ca go shopping, if you buy Snicker, Mars bars etc (junk food) for your players then their stats will go down. You have to buy healthy stuff for them to make them better and teach them what to eat and at what times. 2. How about an option in the game to say to your players "Go play some arcade games, go to a club" for morale boost? 3. You should be able to buy drugs and secretly give to your players to make them better, i.e. steroids. 4. Shaving...you should be able to tell your players to have a shave in the game so you present yourself as a professional who wants your team to stay with good attitude.
  6. How about something to do with the fans in the game suggesting which players to buy etc? I remember a few England managers before Capello were doing bad and fans were saying why does he pick Heskey and not Owen etc. Also I believe this happens at clubs where the media say the fans are not happy with the managers tactics and he should have put this player in and not him etc. Fans also have a say on which potential signings they would like to see, from media to Football club official website fanzine forums.
  7. ...your making love to your girlfiend/wife while in bed and watching your team play the match on FM...hoping your strikers finally get a shot on goal. Finally 1 of your strikers gets a shot on goal and you shout "I nearly scored!!", your wife then says "How can you nearly score with a soft tackle?", you then realise that your teams tackling has to be set to hard in order for your strikers get more possession and get more scoring chances. You set your teams tackling to hard and then finally score, your wife replies "You finally did it!", you reply "I know...I haven't been this excited since I scored 10 league games ago".
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