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  1. Hi all, Please be aware that the rule in place for Portuguese League (5 substituition with only 3 stops in the game) is only correct in the first season. After that and in the following seasons the rule changed to 3 substitutions. Could you please check and fix it in the next update? Thanks
  2. Hi, Anyone in Sigames could confirm that are looking into this? As you may understand after some seasons we face problems with players that are in B Squad and unhappy with the status in the team. Thanks, Duarte
  3. Hi Guys, After the update to 21.2, I am unable to promte a player from B Squad to the principal Squad. The player remains at B Squad. On the other hand I can move a player from principa squad to B Squad withou any issues. This might be a problem in the future, since I cannot promote player to first squad and also I cannot receive scout analysis from a player at B Squad comparing with the players at first squad. I am playing with Portuguese League Thanks Duarte PS: Device is a Ipad 10.2 (2019)
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