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  1. Is there any benefit as a manager to attending the u21 or u18 games of the club you manage?
  2. Curious as to how other approach the game. Are you a one club manager? Do you chase the almighty pound and move from club to club who offer the largest salary? Do you set you sights on managing only the biggest clubs?
  3. I believe Mourinho play with a Rigid fluidity and attacking mentality. While playing attacking he seems to play with standard defense d-line
  4. try using standard or control rather than counter along with play narrow when away
  5. I also play this formation and have taken Crewe Alexander from Div 2 to the premier. I use two variations depending on who i play. Standard/Rigid or Counter Rigid. My back 3 are set up as Stopper CD Stopper. My Full backs have attacking mentality when playing standard and support when on counter. DLP/Support & CM/Def in the middle - AP/Attack - 2 CF up front with one on Attack the other support. With this set up i find that the centre-backs focus on defending as the wing-backs push forward; the wing-backs and midfielders defend, in addition to aiding with transition from defence to midfield; the attacking midfielder is responsible for transition (passing throughout midfield) and forming a front three; and the strikers focus on putting the ball in the back of the net.
  6. I have tried this formation with the top leagues and currently playing in England Div 2. For this league I find that Balanced/Standard is working best. I also set up the front two with a DLP/Support and what i call a lazy poacher. I give him 20 for attacking a zero for closing down. He sits on the last defender and saves his energy for attacking only - not wasted on closing down. Works well for me
  7. When using "look for overlap" the wing back gets to the byline and crosses. As i play with one tall forward with good heading stats it works great for me
  8. I have followed and used LVG's tactics for many years in FM. I have been laying the above 3-5-2 with great success and in all divisions. I also find that when at home and favourite if my team has good pacey wingers i play with three at the back then move the wing back roles to ML/MR Also depending on my strikers i would use the following shouts: Exploit the Flanks Look for Overlap I always use Hassle Opponent and Stay on feet
  9. it it were me - i would try dm. I would want to look for a higher rating in teamwork and influence for the defender/sweeper role. I also look at those two attributes among others for DM role also.
  10. it it were me - i would try dm. I would want to look for a higher rating in teamwork and influence for the defender/sweeper role. I also look at those two attributes among others for DM role also.
  11. i have used 3 formations successfully for years now - 4231 at home, 4-3-3 away and 4-4-2 when called for
  12. I have always been a big fan of the 3-4-3 Ajax style of play but it is almost impossible to recreate this formation successfully in FM. With that said the next best thing that I have found is the 4-2-3-1. I am currently sitting in 3rd place in the EPL with Villa and still unbeaten after 18 games, beat Liverpool and drew away with Utd, Chelsea and Man City. I used the TC to create the tactic and use shouts throughout the game as I keep the team settings unchecked and only have specific individual players on instructions as follows: xxxxxx ST xxxxxx AML xxxxxx AMR xxxxxx AMC xxxxxx xxxx MC xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx DM xxxxx DLxx DC xx DC xx DR As you can hopefully see from the above that I do not play my MC and DM side by side but actually stagger them. Here are my team settings: Fluid, Control, Passing - Short, Zonal Marking, Tackling - Default Player Roles/Instructions: GK - Sweeper/Keeper - I have the following setting checked: Passing - Short, Closing Down - Own Area, Mentality - Normal, Distribution - Defender Collect, RWB - sometimes, TTB - Sometimes. DR/DL - Auto, Passing - Mixed, Closing Down - Own half, Mentality - Normal or Defensive for tough games DC's - Cover/Stopper - Passing - Mixed, Closing down - (Cover - Own area, Mentality - Defensive, HUB - Cover _ yes DM - Passing - Mixed, Closing Down - Own Half only, Marking - Man, Mentality - Defensive, Fwd Runs - no, TTB - yes, HUB - Yes MC - Passing - Mixed, Mentality - Normal, Forward Runs - yes, RWB - Yes, TTB - yes AMC - Passing - Mixed, Mentality - Attacking, FWD Runs, yes, TTB - Yes, Roaming - yes AML/AMR - Wingers - Passing - Short, Close Down - Always, Marking - Man, Mentality - Attacking, Cross From - Mixed, Cross Ball - Always, Fwd Runs - No, RWB - Yes ST - Passing - Short, CLosing Down - ALways, Mentality - Attacking, Fwd Runs - yes, RWB - yes, HUB - yes. I like to play with "traditional" wingers and I also try and look for the following attributes for all players in my squad - Passing, Acceleration, Anticipation and Off the ball. In most games I dominate possession and like to build up play from the back.
  13. Completed first season with Raith Rovers using the Lord Sith version. Won the league with 9 games to spare and remained unbeaten in the league. Lost to Celtic 2-1 in final of League Cup, Overall a great season.
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