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  1. Hey @Rob Heckman, The problem we have is the game fails to load. Is there any guidance on that? Thanks
  2. Thanks @Rob Heckman is there anything I do to help? I DM'd you with an update, not sure if thats helpful
  3. Hi @Michael Mallia, I saw there has been an update released, but this still doesnt resolve the issue. Can you share any more information please? Thanks
  4. Hey @Michael Mallia, I was wondering if there has been any progress in your investigations with Cloud saves? Thanks,
  5. Thanks again @Michael Mallia, and Happy New Year. Would it be possible to ask if you can post here if you feel there is a resolution to the above problem and we can try our saves again? In the meanwhile, we will try with every need game update. Also, if there is anything else I can do to help you investigate this, let me know. Thanks
  6. Thanks @Michael Mallia. So are you suggesting the backup saves have become corrupted? My issue was twofold - the main save file has disappeared AND the backups wont load. I appreciate you cant recover the randomly missing save file, but are you now saying the backups are corrupted? Being a QA myself, I appreciate there isnt much for you to invesitage and be able to reproduce this (and you potentially have fixed the root cause) - but as you can understand I'd like to be clear that both issues have been concluded.
  7. Can you comment on the backup saves not being able to be loaded? I’d really like to not have to start again @Alex Pitt
  8. Same for me. Only reason I bought the Xbox version was to play with friends. It’s already rubbish I have to buy the full version on top of that, never mind adding in that the Xbox version isn’t working as it should. @Alex Pitt, can we get an update before everything slows down for the festive period?
  9. Yeah the saves were to the cloud. After the update the main save is still missing. And the back up saves still won’t load, so unable to physically get into any versions of that game to check for the crashes. Are you able to recover the missing save file from your cloud service? @Alex Pitt
  10. Ours was from pre-existing. Can’t reproduce the issue since update as can’t access our game with my issues mentioned in original post
  11. Hi, Me and 2 friends have been playing an online game. The games been far too glitchy and often gets stuck with the same issue of generating press report (we’ve found continuing at the same time can help avoid that issue). But with this issue we were trying to continue and when it was processing onto the next day it would crash, forcing us to dashboard. This happened a few times until the main save file disappeared and the backups won’t load. Teams managed - Monza, Vicenza, Livorno (Originally Chievo, if that makes a difference) Leagues Loaded - England Spain France Ger
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