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  1. One slight change to the squad before the new season. Nikola Milenkovic departs for Real Madrid for £55mill + 40% Sell On. He wanted me to accept Madrid's offer, and while he was generally rock solid for me, I did feel he was prone to the occasional lapse. While I did bemoan that Gianluca Mancini moved from Chelsea to Atletico just days before, it means I can fully push Papetti as the starting centre back alongside Romagnoli, and creates a squad position for Claudio Morrone once he returns from his loan at Verona. Ahmedhovic will move up to 3rd choice centre back, with Takehiro Tomiyasu also c
  2. What sort of system are you playing @goonergez? From my time in the Serie A, the hardest thing about it is how so many teams play 5 at the back formations, with a DM, horrible to break down systems. If you're attacking those, without the quality to break them down - you're going to struggle. I've seen my Milan side struggle to break down teams like Lazio with their 5-3-2 - crosses just don't touch them...
  3. Hoovering them up from our rivals on intake day! Bianchi and Scaramelli are from our academy - I know you've got Galli at Parma; he's doing great things here! Annoying thing with Scaramelli is that he's only an accomplished centre forward, despite his skill set, he's naturally a right winger. I'm trying to force teams to play him upfront when he goes on loan, but it never happens!
  4. Got a few quality regens coming though - here's some of the best ones;
  5. That's fair, Adorante looks a great prospect aswell tbf! Here's Colombo on mine;
  6. All of the above have been great for me. Keep an eye on Lorenzo Colombo aswell, I sent him to Monza on loan in season 2 and he was Serie A's 2nd top scorer behind Belotti. Popped up with 15 for me this year even while playing understudy. I was able to snag Locatelli and Rovella fairly cheaply due to release clauses (Locatelli £20mill for a team playing in Europe, and Rovella for £5mill(ish?) due to a relegation release clause) - both playing 30+ games for me this season. I've got some incredible deals by ripping players from underperforming teams. Can't fault that, I'll play
  7. Another great post - you're flying through seasons! Giannusa looks a great prospect.
  8. I think so - a lot of our mainstays had attracted attention from the Premier League/La Liga in January so I was expecting to lose a few of them, and have more of a transition season, but up to now only Hernandez is leaving (£90mill to Chelsea). I managed to sign Pellegrini for silly money in my second season (£1.4mill) and he's really been excellent for me, keep an eye on Juventus transfer listing him following his loan. Calafiori was considerably more expensive (£26million), but between them they lock down the LB position for years to come. I've only made one addition to the squad t
  9. So yeah, it was a tremendous season last year. I was a bit gutted we didn't manage an invincible league season, losing to Atalanta with a couple of games left but there's a lot of great results in there. The 5-0 against Inter on the last day was a shocker as they've really pushed me all season - the trophy presentation at the San Siro will have been something else! :') I'm delighted we managed to win the CL losing in last year's Final. Nicolo Zaniolo scoring the extra time winner. Poor Pep didn't even make the post-match interview, getting sacked in the tunnel - his Goalkeeping Coach took i
  10. Looks like a great start, will be following as I've had a blast playing in the Serie A this year! Federico Chiesia and Marcus Thuram would be straight on my long term shortlist if you're looking for relatives! This was the case constantly with Conti when he was with me at Milan. He's a rock-solid right back, but he's made of cardboard!
  11. Great to see so many new updates in the thread, it's been fairly quiet of late! I would be conscious that Italy has quite a lot of teams that play 5 man defences - the key is to look at ways you can stretch these teams, or get players into space. I'm having joy with a 4-3-2-1 Christmas Tree with very attacking wing-backs, though still sometimes have problems against the likes of Lazio with their horrible 5-4-1. Another great season for you - top 4 next! Squad looks very small - must be managing their fitness well! I see the GK situation's getting quite interesting wi
  12. Looks like you've had a great season @MWE! What's the plan for the summer? Surprised you let Caputo go; he was banging 15-20 goals a season for Sassuolo on my save.
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