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  1. Me and 4 other friends have an online save in the second season and one persons game crashes when on the players warming up screen. It proceeds to crash his game and when playing him as the host your game proceeds to crash as well and unable to go through any other games. This has never happened before as it just happened last night and was wondering if anyone could help us or do we just need to wait for the Xbox update to come out.
  2. Me and 4 others have an online save in the second season and one person cannot seem to go past the players warming up phase on a match day and crashes the game. This has never happened and was wondering if anyone knew how to figure this out, thanks.
  3. Does anyone know how to check how familiar your squad is with a tactic on Xbox, or if your squad is suited to a new tactic
  4. Am currently in a save on Xbox one with a few mates and every time we finish a match it comes up with ‘ compiling press office reports’ and after waiting long periods of time it does not load. Does any body know how to fix this or a way around it please?
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