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  1. You can change the colours in the TCS21settings of the skin should be in the file called well settings you'd just need the default RGB i believe or maybe deleting the line of code makes it work but that is not something I know for sure. As for the other two things I honestly don't know. Is it in the default skin too? If so then you'd have to change something in the tactics panels if it can be removed.
  2. So I am playing as Red Star F.C and for some reason we are not playing our league games in our own home stadium, I saw in an earlier post that this bug seems to be a recurring issue however I was able to playing in the home stadium right after it was built (unlike what I saw from other people who just didn't even move to the new stadium for league games) instead ever since expanding the stadium we went back to playing our league games at the Stade Pierre Bisson despite the fact we were supposed to be playing at the Stade de France (we did play there for cup games).
  3. How did you get the actual menu itself to be black instead of purple?
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