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  1. Total Club Manager 2005 had details, details, details. It also got uninstalled, uninstalled, uninstalled. There's little sense in wasting man hours developing ideas that merely pad out the game, when the core of it can be improved. Get the actual game right, then if they want to start decorating it in glitter and setting up a fireworks display to distract from the actual game itself, then fair enough.
  2. Man, where do I start... 1. Why do you need a game to tell you this? You don't already know the answers? Try speaking into a dictaphone and playing it back, that'll solve your language needs, and check your birth certificate, it should tell you where you come from. Want to know your favourite staff member? Ask yourself this question; "Hmm, who is my favourite staff member?" I think you'll find that answer to be satisfactory. Seriously though, that's all just fluff that you'll care about for a week tops and then forget it exists, SI need to concentrate on issues that actually make a difference to the game. 2. Did you ever think about reading the announcements for FM 2007? 3. Select one league, low detail, small database. Bingo. 4. How many managers do you honestly think sit in their offices with a piece of A4 and some crayons designing next years kits? 5. Sure, league switching is a great idea! That is if you want to wait 45 minutes for the databases to load each time... Not to mention the midfield of problems there would be with all the events that has taken place since the start of the game... 6. Ah, ye olde youth development tool kit. I have one in the back of my car. Whenever the young lads at my clubs don't progress to be world beaters (and I mean all of them, every one, yup, every young player in my club needs to be Thierry Henry by the time they are 18, 'cause that's what happens in real football everyday yes siree bob) I just give their knees a tightening up with my special "make player faster sprinter now" screwdriver. Or I MIG (Magical Inert Gas) weld their injuries so they never suffer any ever ever again. To be honest, it sounds like you've just thought "Gee, what things would I like in my game and blow everyone else out there". If that's really what you want to see happen, contact your nearest college offering game programming courses and code your very own tailor made game. Call it "Candela Cash Manager 2007". But for now, and on these forums, the only ideas that should be taken seriously are ones that genuinely progress the game for the global market.
  3. I have a few ideas I would like to see in a future version, those being: 1. Player searching - As it stands, a fairly good way of ensuring success is to filter out the list for the position you want, slap in any age/nationality limits etc and then try to buy the highest priced player. Sure it's not foolproof, but 9 times out of ten I've found going on value is an easy way to figure out who to buy. As far as I know, managers the world over don't know the value of every player in every league ever. I think the only players that should have values assigned in the search feature are players you've scouted and well known players who's club, for whatever reason has declared their valuation of him. For the lesser known players I'd like to see a price range system used, based on your assistant/scouts basic assesments. The obscure players should have uknown for their valuation, so you can't pick a rising star out by filtering "Age = under 19, sort by highest price"... 2. Scouting system - I'll not go into too much detail, because I don't know what we're going to get with the new incarnation, but I'd like to be able to tell my scouts and assistant I'm looking for a certain position to either be a first teamer, a backup or a potential star of the future, so they can keep an eye on any possibilities without doing a comprehensive search and listing every player in that position who'se CA is above 80... 3. Genuine chairmen - How many managers walked through the revolving door at Hearts last season because of a lack of control? I think the chairmen should have a lot more of a voice in this game, independantly varying from man to man. Some may talk to the media about player concerns, poor performances being the fault of their lack of commitment, or telling the local rag their manager should be picking such and such a player. They could have varying levels of participation in signing the players, some let you get on with it, others ask for a list of targets and go off trying to sign them for you, others would just try and dump a bunch of guys he wanted on your doorstep at the start of pre season. This would add more depth to choosing which club you would manage, or indeed whether you choose to remain at the club you are at in spite of the chairman, or move on to one where you can be your own man(ager). There also needs to be a revamp in how much cash they make available. I can only talk about my Newcastle experiences here, but until I've built the club into one challenging for the CL each season, I've only been getting 7 million a season + 80-90% of the cash I bring in from sales. This doesn't ring true with the transfer situation at Newcastle, where Freddie is willing to pay much, much more than that each season. 15 so far this year, no doubt that will rise, about 30 million last. The man pends money... 4. Star player mentality - You're near the end of the season, you face a team that are rivalling you for league position and you drop your gighest rated player because he's had a dip in form, or you go with a tactic that doesn't fit his style, or he's not as fit as you'd like. These are all acceptable reasons for you the manager, but for a star player, that one missed match could be the reason he's released a statement saying he sees his time at the club is over, or that he feels hurt and rejected by you. Maybe he doesn't speak to the press, but he leaves the ground early, doesn't shake your hand before walking down the tunnel. Y'all know who I'm talking about. One match in FM means nothing to the players. In m experience I've only had problems when they've missed 10 consecutive games, give or take. Okay, so Ruud didn't speak out straight way, but the media jumped on it like a bandwagon to a gold mine and when Gullit (Hmm, Ruud's seem to be a theme here) dropped Shearer, the fans went ballistic. If a player is judged to be the man at a club in the game, all reactions to every decision about them should be blown out of all proportion, like they are in real life. It'll strike the fear of losing a 25 million man for a cut price end of January window into all of us mouse managers, and in my opinion, that would only be a good thing. I'll leave it there, I do have more things I'd like, but I question the validity of their inclusions for the global market. I think they may just be self gratifying additions.
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