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  1. @Dasil Hey, glad it helped you. to be honest, I have not been able to play the game at all. I tried looking pass this issue of fake players and just accepting this "reduced" version of the database compared to previous years of FMT, but the game has so many buggy that is not enjoyable. There's a lot of people complaining that the game crashes once you finish the first or second season, so there's no point in trying to play it until this gets fixed in a future update. Unfortunately, I'd recommend staying with FMT 20 over FMT 21 just for the fake players issue alone. If you really want to try ou
  2. Hi @Harry Dunning, Thank you for your answer. I understand that non-selected leagues are barely simulated or not simulated at all, and that most reserve teams would be entirely made up of have regens. This was the case on FMT 20 but was no issue: despite selecting only 3 playable countries, most teams from non-selected leagues would still available 90% of their players for the user to buy/sell and interact with. In contrast, on FMT 21, it seems that non-selected leagues (even if it's one of Europe's top-5 leagues or wonderkid-producing regions like Argentina and Brazil) will only hav
  3. Hi, I noticed that a lot of teams from those leagues not-selected as playable are missing a significant amount (if not all) of its players and are instead filled with fake players. Some teams only have as few as 14 players (total) in their senior squad, all of them fake. For example, if you don't select the English Premier League as playable, Leeds will come preloaded with 75% of its team with fake players. Attached is the example for Leeds, but the same happens with teams from all non-selected leagues: teams range from a few fake players to be totally built upon fake players. Fake player
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