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  1. Is this going to be continued at the end of this transfer window? I hope so, it's a great idea...I still enjoy FM07 the most
  2. Would it be possible if Future Games were to have some option of loading old games? Obviously you'd have prblems with new features but you could always set them to default. i.e. If Fm2007 could Fm2006 games, it would add the default feeder clubs for your club.
  3. Sorry.....don't know how to edit my previous posts. This will probably never happen, but it would be interesting if you could do things, which could result in punishment by the Premier League. Think Tevez, or fielding an ineligible player. Of course, the ineligible player bit would be fine for Conference but it is unlikely to go unnoticed in Premier League.
  4. Also, it'd be interesting if we got slightly less-relevant news bulletins. e.g. From time to time a famous club legend from the past could die perhaps. Maybe you could release a statement expressing your best wishes to the family and that would improve your fan support. Or you could organise a memorial match.
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