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  1. I agree with tactical knowledge being a must for data analyst, i think jpa & jpp are also a must. jpp is basically saying, "is this guy a match winner?" As a manager, you would want to know that, i know i would, very useful pre match. obviously, the original ddm wouldn't go a miss
  2. Yep good idea, going to offer him the contract near the end of the transfer window as well to leave as little time as possible for other clubs.
  3. Yep, ok, i'll offer him the contract. I bet get scouting then
  4. Yea, that was my initial thought. I'm going to lose him, that composure for an 18yo is amazing.
  5. Hey, i thought i would ask my fellow football manager geeks what you thought about this situation. I got Leeds promoted in my 1st season, pipped Aston Villa on the last day of the season for 2nd place. I promised Ronaldo Vieira towards the back end of the season a new contract in the summer to bring him in line with other players in the squad, problem is, i offer a contract and the agent insists on a 6m buy out clause for Champions Cup teams. His current contract doesn't run out for 24 months, theoretically i don't have to offer him a new contract but i also don't want an unhappy player as he's crucial to us. If i offer a new contract, i know i'm going to lose him. What should i do? Offer a new contract and hope for the best or wait a season, try and get near the top of the table so i can offer a new contract in 12 months? He'll hopefully see we're ambitious and not want a release clause. I'm really stuck with this decision.
  6. I really wish FM would put the a familiarity icon inside the tactic instructions screen so you don't have to keep going out to check how the team is adapting to certain styles of play. I thought they might have put it in for this iteration.
  7. This is epic, champions league and new football manager, what a night.
  8. Not sure about demo but the beta will be released thursday evening i reckon.
  9. definitely interested in a Parma save as well, would be fun to get them back to the top of Serie A.
  10. I think he means the graphics not the actual match engine.
  11. Usually just the one save, if i don't like it within a few days i might change it but generally i'll always try and get the teams i support to the top. (St.Johnstone & Leeds)
  12. The day football manager get's to that type of graphics, it'll be unreal. I'm still a dots man tbh but if the match looked like that, i'd definitely use 3d
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