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  1. If you don't mind cheating, you can buy and download the ingame editor and give the players English as a second nationality
  2. There is a subforum in the tactics forum. You can see it at the top. Here is the link https://community.sigames.com/forum/67-tactics-sharing-centre-uploaddownload/
  3. Hello, sorry if this has been said before. I notice there is no longer a red highlighted text for job adverts news. Sometimes I miss the news and am hoping you could bring it back or at least highlight the headlines yellow to make it easier to notice.
  4. In preferences, go to the interface tab and there is a comfirmation dialogs where you can click on reset. That is the only way I know
  5. A few weeks ago I was messing around with the editor and duplicated Zagreb and changed its language to Japanese and local region to be Tokyo-to, which was one of Japan's. The city's nation was still Croatia though. Then set some of the Croatian teams to be based in the duplicated city. What I found was that some/many of the regens these clubs were producing were of Japanese ethnicity and had Japanese names with Croatian nationality, and Japanese second nationality. A few were even Japanese with Croatian names and both nationalities. So maybe you can do something similar to simulate what you want.
  6. Hello, still several days away from my computer but have been thinking of making a new start and wondering if it is possible to make a solid tactic that is completely symmetrical? For example, a 4-1-2-2-1 with both left and right sides of the formation having the exact same duties and roles as its counterparts?
  7. So I already sold Lucas to Real Madrid there but about a week later, a journalist asked me "Laurent Blanc(psg) showed little sign of being deterred in his bid to sign Lucas Leiva and seemed confident of getting his way. How do you respond to those comments?" I could still make the usual choices including "....It's my decision and Lucas Leiva will remain a Liverpool player." Kind of strange considering he is already in Spain
  8. Are crosses a bit op? I am playing a 3-2-3-2 with two wingbacks and they are leading the assists with countless crosses to my two strikers, and I am not using exploit the flanks
  9. My flat 3-5-2 which was doing decently and now with this patch, it has been doing great so far so I guess I like this patch . Although I've had 3 red cards (two yellows) in 5 games so far but it could be due to my tactics using hassle opponents. Shall continue and see how it goes
  10. In fm2013, making the Brazilian league playable fixes the problem and it seems to be the same in fm2014. I have had a lot of good regens come up
  11. Hello, is it redundant to have a player instruction 'pass it shorter' if you already have 'shorter passing' in team instructions, and some other similar instructions?
  12. Is it just me or the bonuses a player demands is too high, especially for unused substitute fee?
  13. I am not sure but this MAY be possible. Can you give your steam account to a friend outside of Germany and ask him to buy fm with it. Then perhaps you can just log in, download and play?
  14. Can you tell us what is so childish about this game and what makes it unplayable for you?
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