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  1. MLS

    I enjoy playing as Toronto FC. They have a good fan base (I am getting 24k fans / game -- highest in the league), but they are Canadian. The draft hasn't helped me at all since mostly American players are in it. I have signed lots of South Americans and I've gotten about 4-5 to take up Canadian citizenship. I find that to be very worthwhile. It works well to buy players from Brazil who are like 18 with 1 star out of potentially 4-6. You can even get a feeder club and they will keep getting days towards Canadian citizenship while on loan (it takes 3 years to get it). They seem quite interested in doing this because all of my players that took the citizenship have then started the next games for the national team. It is my goal to build up Canada to a good level and get them to compete despite not managing the team. It's quite a challenge, but the drafts seem worthless. If there are any good Canadian players in the MLS, I will always get them in exchange for as many draft picks as the other team wants.
  2. Your Managerial Career

    This doesn't compare to most of you, but... Toronto FC (MLS): season 1: 7th place out of 7 in division season 2: 6th place out of 7 in division season 3: 6th place out of 7 in division but, now I am currently sitting 4th place out of 7! The goal is to try to build the canadian national team into a powerhouse by getting cheap south americans citizenship in 3 years. So far I have gotten 4 players citizenship. Perhaps they will play for canada (since none has played for their national team yet). Time will tell...
  3. FM08 MLS thread

    update to my Toronto FC challenge: I have had 2 players change to Canadian citizenship (out of 4 possible), but they aren't really interested in signing a contract extension with me (I have them for 2 more full seasons). In my 3rd season with the team, I finished with 26 points (thanks to a late season formation change 4-3-3). I had something like 4 points through 9 or 10 games to start the season. I finished the league with 62 goals allowed and 26 goals scored. What a ratio! I was able to loan out 4 of my players to my feeder club for a second season. Three of them refused, and they were released! The board loves me (because of very low salaries & high monthly profits) and they say that I am overachieving! Part of my performance failures were due to having poor coaches scouting ratings (and not understanding how to apply coaches to train specific attributes only). Once I upgraded my coaching staff, I saw why my team was so bad. The best players had 3-4 gold stars and many had only 1 gold star! These were my starters for the first few seasons! Anyway, I hope that more of my players take Canadian citizenship so that I can bring in more new faces.
  4. FM08 MLS thread

    thanks for the props, forestgreenyank! In other news, my adventures as Toronto continue. I have failed to land numerous other jobs, but TFC still loves me due to the fact that my salary is 1/3 of the salary cap. I have made it my goal to try to build up the Canadian national team as best I can. I bought a bunch of 4k players from South America, and I loaned them out to my newly acquired feeder club. I want them to get citizenship! Though I am not sure that this will work, it's worth a shot! Plus, I didn't really pay anything for the players. Hopefully my team will do okay this year despite having a wretched backline. I just hope that those players will keep going on season long loans or else I'll have to cut them next offseason. Hopefully they will develop into the 4-5 star range that is their potential (currently all are 1 star abilities).
  5. FM08 MLS thread

    I have been playing MLS for 3 seasons with Toronto FC. I found that when the 3rd season started, the number of international players allowed on my team dropped from 10 to 8. Unfortunately, I had to drop some good players. I also don't have any feeder clubs to send my players to. In response to others, I bought Cicero, too. He was awesome for the 15 games that I had him. I think that I paid like 300k and had him on 115k/year salary. Unfortunately, Marseille came knocking and I cashed in(3.5 mil + 25% next sale). I enjoy finding players for like 50k and not paying any of them more than 20k/year. Some of my better purchases (w/ medium database): Dalvan, Fredys Arrieta (both strikers, scoring 15 goals in 23 games) Torres (DC, u20 Columbia). He is my only decent defender. not so greats: Mauricio (BRA), Fabinho (BRA), C. Hinestroza (COL). Mostly, they are casualties of the maximum number of foreigners allowed. It is really tough finding non-senior international Canadian players. Here are some of my better players (many of which are already on the team): Miguel Canizalez(AML) -- he has been player of the week many times Mirnes Biscevic(MC) David Guzman S. Lumley(DRC) C. Nunez (DMC) I enjoy talking about the difficulties managing FM08 in the MLS, but there aren't too many others who have to deal with it. Adam Braz