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  1. Hi all Quick question, have any of you ever play with Custom Made Club (with pre editor) in this year game? I read somewhere that there was a bug about pre editor made club is struggling to produce a good youth intake even tho the facilities is maxed out. Any of you experiencing this?
  2. You clearly do not get my main point and just looking for my mistakes alright the general forum is flooded by heated endless debates that makes A genuine question like this which would help others , Basics of the game, and thread that could be useful for benchmarking went unnoticed, flooded by debates. Even a genuine question could turn into debates just because some people just cannot help themselves not to judge SI and how unrealistic the game is
  3. Seriously, i think Football Manager and SI are the victim of their own quality. SI makes FM so good that we, the gamer, forget that it literally is a game. There's an uncountable amount of feedbacks, opinions, and debates about "realism" aspect of the game. What we tend to forget are we have our own definition of realistic depends on who we are really and how much "realism" each of us really want. For example some people would say playing a starting XI of Loan Players is horridly unrealistic but some wouldnt agree with that. Some would say taking Tromso from 2nd league in Norway
  4. There are two files 21.3 and 21.4 So i believe if you want to start with 21.3 database you would be able to
  5. B. It's just a tough luck for Player B unfortunately, these things could happen
  6. Are only those two players getting jaded or there are other players getting jaded too?
  7. I just downloaded superb Asia and South America expansion database from Davie in Editor hideaway Would love some teams suggestions from those two continents Either a dark horse in their respective league (like Leicester is in England) or (preferably) a lower division teams who has potential to go very far (think HSV in Germany or Deportivo in Spain)
  8. Noob question here .if i set a league starting on let's say July and ending on April What would happen if for example there is an International Tournament that happen during that duration? And how could i know whether there are something that would disrupt the squad registration of the league?
  9. I mean if i dont load it at all, So it wouldn't be that siginificant right? I really want to do a journeyman so i want to load many editor files and make them playable just when i want to do so My laptop is not that good so yeah, afraid it wouldn't be feasible for my laptop in a long run
  10. if i load many custom fmf data of league megapack (like from Weiry or Dave) , would it still slow the game down even if i ain't make those leagues playable?
  11. how do i know if these files are able to run with other league expansion fmf? edit : i forgot to say thanks a lot i've been waiting this for so long and now i cannot wait to explore Africa and do a journeyman i never before
  12. Thank's a lot Weiry That's superb, cannot wait for the update, wish you all the good luck
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