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1 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"
  1. Reaching the second round makes no sense, if i enter at third round. Even more funny, if i lose the third round, it gets marked as failed. Had it last season.
  2. Hi, my board changed the club state from semiprofssionell to professionell after i signed new part time contracts with the most of my players. Now i cant make new full time contracts with my players. They are all not interested in new contracts, because they recently signed new contracts. For me, that must be a bug. How can a player not be interested in a fulltime contract? Only because he recently signed a new parttime contract ?
  3. Hi, i had to reach the second round of the FA Trophy (minimum), which fails with the info, i only reached the first round. See screenshot. But as you can see in the game list, i never played the first round, i started in the second round, which i won. I lost in the third round, on penalties. So the goal "reach second round" should be fullfilled by default, cause i started in the second round. I even reached the third round.
  4. Hi there, I won a game 5-2 and after the game in the cabin all I could say to the team was negative. Only then did I realize that I was in the opposing team's cabin. The speeches also had text errors, see red circles in the screenshot FMerr1. After i talked to the opposing team, i came in the cabin of my team. And after i talked to my team, the game hangs in an infinite loading screen (waited about 15mins). See screenshot FMerr2. Iam not sure, if the PKM of the game, after that it happened is useful. If so, pls tell me, then i will attach it.
  5. Hi, iam not sure if it is a bug but for me, it has to be one. VAR checks after goals for offside are always (100%) denied. I played now more then 10 seasons with different teams in different leagues and it is always the same. You score a goal, VAR checks it, offside. I never saw a goal given. No matter if it was my team or the opposing one. Var checks of penalties, however, can be given or revoked. It seems to work correctly there. But with 100% offside decisions, the VAR checks are useless...
  6. Hi there, in one of my last games i had an negative xG value. pls see attached files. think it is an bug or (as someone mentioned) iam so bad that the AI expects own goals... Southport – Bradford Park Avenue.pkm
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