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  1. Press the keyboard backspace key, that will take you back to the teamtalk screen.
  2. I've started a save at West Ham, Steve Potts (U23 assistant) doesn't not show in the list of coaches when assigning their training responsibilties, yet, when you click on the U23 squad coaching team overview he is there. It is the same with the U18 assistant Mark Phillips.
  3. MIddlesbrough have allowed me to take my national a course, and West Ham miraculously stayed up winning all three of their final games.
  4. The advice and persistence paid off. Just wondering if I will be kept on though, don't you have to require a continental pro licence to manage in the Premier League? The heart strings might be pulled though as my beloved Hammers look likely to head the opposite way. At the hands of the Strachan clan, Gordon (manager), Gavin (assistant), Craig (chief scout), West Ham suffered 12 defeats in 14 games. A run of 3 wins and 2 draws in the last 5 games has given a slim hope of survival, but still sit second bottom, six points adrift and only three games left.
  5. To be honest I mainly use a BPD at DC(L). Sometimes I use the NCB depending on how the opposition are playing, or when we are 2-0 up with 15-20 minutes left. Possession doesn't seem to be affected, I'm still having 50%+ per game.
  6. First up a thanks to @Experienced Defender, @summatsupeer, @pheelf, @TEK1 for the advice. I ended up taking a couple of days out and played Cricket Captain, if only SI could come up with their own cricket simulation! Anyway after a couple of days I decided to go back to when my save was in the winter break and see if I could give the tactics another chance. Started going with a fluid tactic, which was working pretty well, but as results became more consistent and we started getting up there with the play-off contenders I opted to go back to a flexible set up. With the flu
  7. Errrrr, didn't go to plan. Got in four friendlies against decent opposition, all wins, the change in the set up was looking like it was going to work. The World Cup finished and the league season resumed on Boxing Day 2022 away at second bottom Preston. Went 1-0 down against the run of play, equalised from a corner, then 3-1 down by 55 minutes. We pulled a late goal back but fell to defeat. With Middlesbrough sitting 14th and 10 points off the play offs enough was enough for the board. Anyway on to pastures new. A position is available at League 2 Salford, think I might hol
  8. I've definatly been over complicating things and looking at what my players best roles are rather than what suits the system. Had a think back to the tactics I used in my season at Crewe. The target man scored over 20 goals in that season. The advanced playmaker and mezzala weighed in with goals as well.
  9. Advice taken on board arounf the DM. Going to try the tactics below. Lets see how results go, I've been given a month by the board.
  10. To while away the time whilst I'm under 12 weeks of coronavirus quarantine I've taken the opportunity to get stuck into a career save I had started a while ago. Anyway, after a few seasons of reasonable success, and working my way up through the English divisions I've hit a brick wall and have spent half of the 2022-23 season struggling in the Championship with Middlesbrough. Overview I started out in the National League South with Braintree Town, I thought I'd start the game having to earn my coaching badges and started with a National C licence. The 2019-20 season was gong pretty w
  11. The target man would lay off the ball to either the left winger or centre mids to provide a cross or through ball. The default PI 'Moves Into Channels' would find him the space, and where he comes in very useful in a direct passing game is in the discription 'His secondary role is to chase down misplaced through balls or clearances from deep'.
  12. In the National League while I was managing Yeovil I paired an AF with a TM(s) worked very well. The AF was a young pacey prospect find pockets of space to run at, or, get beyond the opposition defence. He would waste a lot of chances, but I put that down to being raw and his attributes needing developing, he did score about 15 goals in that season. We lined up like this. TM(s/a) P/AF(a) W(a) BBM(s) DLP(s) W(s)
  13. If my two main strikers can play to their potential I can mix it up a bit. My first choice is naturally a pressing forward, so will use him in this role if the centre backs are not the quickest or their passing, first touch or composure isn't great. He can also play as a deep lying forward, so will go with this against defences where I get no height or pace advantage. My second choice striker is a pretty tall target man who is decent in the air, so he'll come in if we are trying to exploit an aerial advantage.
  14. The player I have at left back is naturally a CWB, so I will change it to WB(s) in the left back position. I'll make the right back a IWB(s) as I thought the right hand side was too open. Style wise the board want me to play attacking football, but I don't want gung-ho as we're expected to finish mid table, so I was looking at a balanced/positive mentality with standard/slightly more direct passing. If the opposition are using a wing back or two maybe add pass into space. In transition regroup. Going to look to use a slightly more conservative set up as a second tactic, cautious/bala
  15. Just going into my third season (2021-22) and at my third club. Started at Braintree and were in the play-off positions in the National League South before jumping ship in January to Yeovil in the National League. Guided Yeovil to the National League title in the 2020-21 but resigned during the summer as the chairman wouldn't allow myself to go on a coaching course. The Crewe job was available in League 2, and after a successful interview I've taken the job. During my time at Braintree and Yeovil I employed a 4-4-2 that worked well, but having analysed my squad at Crewe I feel in nee
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