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  1. Might be jumping the gun with this lad. Devon Arnold of Yeovil Town looks an excellent prospect for the Vanarama leagues. When I arrived at Yeovil from Braintree he was already out on loan at Truro, where he scored 12 goals in 18 appearances for the Southern League Premier outfit. For the start of 2020/21 the wage budget needed to be cut so, for me, he would feature in the first team. So far 9 goals in 9 appearances. Report has him as operating at Vanarama National level, with the potential to be a League Two striker. A small fast striker with decent finishing, first touch needs to be improved but nonetheless looks an excellent prospect in the Vanarama's - League 2.
  2. First things first, if you want to go with the 4-2-3-1 tiki-taka on attack duty I'd scrap all your TI's a make it more simple. In Possession - Shorter Passing and Play Out Of Defence will be enough. In Transition - Take Long Kicks with Play Out Of Defence??? Again drop all the TIs you have for In Transition apart from maybe Counter Press, but don't use with More Urgent Pressing. Use one or the other, using both is overkill. Out Of Possession - Once again drop all TIs for this section, only use Lower Line Of Engagement to give space to the AF, it also compacts the middle third of the pitch by not allowing the opposition space in midfield. If the oppo decide to play long balls maybe drop your defensive line. If you want to pressure the opposition defence maybe High LOE with a standard defensive line, or higher defensive line. AS for roles and duties:- Maybe use a Sweeper Keeper (D). Right Flank - WB(A) with a W(A)? Left Flank - IF(S) will drift into the space occupied by your APM(S). Maybe use a FB(S) on the right with the winger on a support duty. On the left look to get the IF penetrate the penalty box with an attack duty and the left defender WB(S). In central defence go with the covering centre back on the right to cover the wing back. Central midfield Mezzala or Box to Box on the right, Deep Lying Playmaker(D) on the left. Attacking Mid (S) in the AM position. Its not a definate title winning setup but is more simple.
  3. I normally get used to new versions of the game by doing a pre-season and a few months with my team West Ham. Normally by then a league data pack for the German lower leagues is available so I then dive in with FC St. Pauli. This year I fancied something a bit different so have used FCSP to get used to the game, but this time I've decided to start unemployed in England and picked up the Braintree job in National League South. Got off to a good start in my save and had a striker called Femi Akinwande tearing it up. I then took a look at the squad and noticed that a number of players including Akinwande had recently left the club, so I decided to use the editor to put those players at their current club and bring in those who had joined since FM20s release. I've started unemployed again and once again picked up the Braintree job. The squad is a bit thin in midfield and no star striker up front anymore, just young, bang average National South strikers and lot of non-contract players. Currently still in pre season, but looking to get my teeth into this save when time allows.
  4. Advanced call for German leagues down to level 5 or 6 for FM20
  5. The first screen doesn't have that you have to click a confirm tab to accept the £500million, it then comes up April Fool.
  6. Thought I'd hit the jackpot! One click later.
  7. I support West Ham and FC St. Pauli. Only have a nose around West Ham to see what the stats are like in a new release. Always play as FC St. Pauli, always a decent challenge trying to make them a top German side.
  8. Sorry for the non response over the weekend, been pretty busy. Anyway, after making a few tweaks and changes I've completed five matches after the German winter break. For the Darmstadt, Union Berlin and 1.FC Koln fixture I went with the below tactic. It isn't a million miles away from the tactic in post #1. As you can see from the match result and stats we still had trouble scoring from open play, but the shots on goal stat was better than it has been. Key players for this tactic are Mats Moller Daehli as the wide playmaker, and Cenk Sahin as the inverted winger. I had to bemoan my luck as both picked up injuries in the Darmstadt game. So more positional tweaks were needed Ryo Miayichi came in on the left, the dilema being do I use him in the same role as Moller Daehli, use him as a winger, or a supporting inverted winger. I decided to play Miyaichi as a wide playmaker with Thibaud Verlinden coming in as an attacking winger on the right. The selection paid off as Miyachi scored two early goals. The mentality was changed from positive to standard to reflect Berlin's more open approach. There was cause for concern that we couldn't hold onto our lead, and the amount of shots on goal by Berlin. This was the first time we had conceded more than one goal in a game all season. Moller Daehli returned for the game at Koln with Miyaichi swapping to the right wing as an inverted winger. Again we had to have a wits about us defensively with Koln having 14 attempts on target, and two goals disallowed for offside. We were clinical in front of goal with that man Miyaichi bagging his second brace in as many games. Unfortunately Miyaichi would pick up an injury that will keep him out for around a month. In our next game Aue were to line up with a defensive mentality, so I went with my Plan B. Thibaud Verlinden came in for Miyaichi as AMR W(A). An impressive performance with the opposition no mustering an attempt on target. Cenk Sahin returned for the game against Ingolstadt, the unlucky Verlinden dropping to the bench. The visitors would run with a cautious mentality, so I reverted back to my 4-1-4-1 (WP, IW). Sahin bagging the only goal of the game, with the opposition being limited on their chances. Pleased with how the tactic is working out so far, with a plan B for defensive sides, and a sort of plan C for seeing out games. Over the five game run I've noticed the wide right position with an attacking role is key, five of the nine goals scored came from the MR/AMR position. Big thanks for help and suggestions by those who have contributed to this thread.
  9. @Experienced Defender with the mezzala would he be more effective with an attack role against team with standard or higher mentality, and better in a support role against park the bus teams. Due to work I'll give a few adjustments a try tomorrow.
  10. I only use Knoll as BPD and only against teams with a balanced mentallity or higher. As most opposition I come up against is either cautious or defensive I mainly go with 2 DC's as I don't want to just lump it up into packed defences. The overall positions/roles/duties Is pretty similar to what I was running with, the TI/PI's a little different. I have my four man midfield all on max pressing and no Pi's for the FB/WB's. With the TI's I can see the reason behind float crosses Veerman is a telegrapgh pole and Diamantakos is decent in the air. I've beeen sticking to low crosses as it doesn't meen all crosses from out wide will be low, if the opportunity to put it in the air is still there the wide players will still do that. The DL role I prefer using a wing back as I find it provides more width and balls into the box, I haven't experimented much with a FB(A). Apart from defensive stability, what does he bring to the party in attack without PI's? I found using a WB on the left provided width in what is a narrow set up going forward. I've also found the mezzala next to the wide playmaker can see them being next to each other a lot. Will a left footed mezzala work in MC(R), but again he'll be next to the inverted winger a lot.
  11. Not sure if this will help. DR - Full Back - Marc Hornschuh/Luca Zander DL - WB - Daniel Buballa (WB/S) - Jeremy Dudziak (WB/A) DC - Phillip Ziereis/Christopher Avevor/Marvin Knoll (BPD) DLP - Johannes Flum MCL - BWM(S) - Bernd Nehrig MCR - Mez - Christopher Buchtmann/Richard Neudecker MR - Cenk Sahin (IW/A) ML - Matts Moller Daehli (WP/S) ST - Diamantakos (PF)/ Henk Veerman (DLF/TM)
  12. I've been showing too much loyalty to Diamantakos, but that is an excellent point about Veerman's versatility. I've sent Allagui out on loan so I'll have to rotate between Veerman and Diamantakos. Would love to get hold of FCSP's latest singing Alexander Meier, big lump, 35 years old so not very mobile, still knows where the goal is. Hopefully will bang in a winner against HSV on Sunday.
  13. Once again thanks for the advice. I've made some tweaks and has worked well so far in the winter break friendlies. A 0-0 against Werder Bremen was decent result against better opponents, more chances were created. For the final winter friendly against Genk I heeded some of your advice and changed the striker role to DLF(A) and then subbing on and using a PF(A). We were 3-1 winners with the DLF scoring once and PF getting the oher two goals. Would you keep the metality at balanced in a 4-1-4-1 with AMR/L? I want to aim to give myself not only a Plan B, I now want a Plan C as such. Going with my 4-1-4-1 as my main tactic, a 4-1-4-1 (AMR/L) to try to break down stubborn teams, and my tactic from my original post with slight adaptations as shut up shop against teams the odds are stacked against me, or see out a lead late on in a game.
  14. Thanks for the advice, appreciated. Got in a couple of games last night, both at home against teams struggling in the division. First up Greuther Furth. The opposition set themselves up with a 5-4-1, 3 DC's and 2 FB's. I used my tactical setup from post 1 and struggled, basically failed, to break them down. Next game I tried to revamp the midfield a bit, made the left WB attacking, and dropped the 'Hold Position' TI for my PF(S) but adding 'Roam From Position'. I also used the TI 'Play Wider' and dropped 'Lower Tempo'. Magdeburg set themselves up with a narrow defensive formation 3 DC's, 2 WB's, a holding midfielder in a diamnond formation. Created a lot more chances, this time struggled to put the ball in the net. Starting the winter break now, but going to have further tinker with the midfield. I'll give these roles and duties 3-4 games and maybe look to change the PF(S) to DLF(S) if need be.
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