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  1. I'd say you're probably too conservative with your midfield, and I would try changing Rodri to your DLP, to dictate your play higher up the pitch, and make the left of your two midfielders an AP or RPM. If you're on a lower tempo I would always want more than one playmaker in the middle of the park. You could also consider making your RB an attacking WB to provide further options for a pass higher up the field. Last suggestion for players is to potentially try your striker as a CF or F9 so he is more involved in the game. I play as Spurs and start every game with an attacking m
  2. End of first season I've just turned down a £150 million pound bid from PSG. He was unhappy(ish) for a few weeks, with no effect as it was during off season and then dropped it when no other Clubs interested. Will renew contract in 6 months or so to push his value, and maybe sell at the end of season 3.
  3. I felt similarly to you at the beginning of the release, but once I ironed a few key things out I'm really enjoying the game and getting good performances from the players I want to perform. Couple of things which might help you fall back in love with the game; 1. The numbers that Son and Kane are posting IRL are ridiculous, and are not easy to replicate in the game. I think you'd want to try a two striker formation to get them both scoring bag loads of goals. I've seen some success using a 2-3-2-1-2 formation with Son AF and Kane CF (attack) 2. Continuity is super important, just li
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