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  1. Hey @Viktor71 unfortunately I don't still have the save no, sorry to be a pain.
  2. I have just started a journeyman save, unemployed with no qualifications and no experience. I applied for a vanarama national job and Irish premier job and was declined for both. I was then approached by Wigan out of the blue and they offered me an interview. They went on to explain they were scaling back recruitment as they are in administration, but the fact they approached me with no reputation seems very unrealistic. This was a game started after the official release date and update, not the beta version.
  3. Hi @Ben Kenney, thanks for getting back to me. This was a save started in the beta game and the transfer was also accepted in the beta version.
  4. I received an offer of £0 for a player in my Oxford City save and the bid was accepted. The player went on to discuss a contract and then I received no further notification of the deal going through. When I checked my outgoing transfers, it said confirmation, but nothing was happening. I could not cancel the deal, offer new contract or offer to clubs. I left this and waited a few months for his contract to expire, but nothing has changed and although it says he is out of contract, he still remains in my team taking a wage and I can't do anything to get rid of him.
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