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  1. When I'm told by Miles to post here from twitter, and theres no option to actually do so, it's pretty frustrating, fyi.
  2. I've logged a ticket with them. Just wanted to post the issue, and cant do it in the correct place as there is no option.
  3. Thanks for the swift reply buddy. I'm currently into my 4th season, in November to be exact (although its been an issue for months ingame. It is the same save carried over from the beta, correct. Honestly, I don't know what is causing it, all I know is it ran absolutely perfectly in the Beta for 2 weeks, and now, it's virtually unplayable for me, with no changes at all to anything other than the game going from beta to full release.
  4. Hey all, I was told to post my issue on the forums by Miles. Unfortunately, you dont have the option to even post my issue in the relevant section (technical crashes etc.), so will do it here instead. The beta was absolutely perfect, from a streaming perspective, everything ran smooth, ultra fast times etc. Now with the full game out I'm having quite a serious issue. For some reason, when I press continue, I'm getting my CPU (5900x) maxing out to 100% which is messing with my entire computer, full computer lock ups, stream lockups. As you can imagine, with one of the best CPUs in the wo
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