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  1. I asked this in the technical forum and was told by the SI employee who kindly took time to look into my issue that it had. I have very few posts so should be easy to find.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately cancelling the link didn't work. Looks like he will have a 1 day loan experience in Columbia in 2020
  3. I was wondering if somebody could help me with an issue I have in the brazilian league. I have a 16 year old Brazilian wonderkid that I wanted to send to a feeder club to get some 1st team experience. Unfortunately I sent him to my Columbian feeder club and as Brazilian rules don't allow players to leave until they are 18 the transfer is scheduled to go through in 2020 (I am in 2018). I can find no way to cancel this transfer as I would like to send him to my Brazilian feeder club instead. If I cancel the link with the Columbian club will that cancel the transfer or am I able to edit the transfer using the editer (Never used this before)? Any help will be much appreciated.
  4. A small feature I would like to see added is an extra option in the filter menu in the squad/tactics screen to hide players that are not needed by club. This is much more useful in countries where you only have a first team and a youth team. In the game I have been playing recently I put all my players who are not needed in the U19s as they get in the way when I am picking my team but I am finding my assistant manager keeps offering them new contracts. I do have the option selected for my ass man to offer contracts to the U19s but I would have hoped that he wouldn't offer them to players marked as not needed. So basically I am stuck with the choice of leaving them in the 1st team which makes managing the players a bit un managable or risking them getting new contracts in the U19s. I don't want to de-select the option for my ass man to offer contracts to the U19s as it is easier than analysing all the youngsters myself.
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